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Short story freaturing furries appears in campus newspaper

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This fictional short story appeared in the Martlet, the student paper of the University of Victoria.

Even though the only research done seems to have been watching the infamous MTV special, it's entertaining. Mostly because of the errors, but it's still fun.


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I think his impression of the fandom is somewhat, well, polarised. :-) As for the story I can't actually say I'm very impressed with it on a literary basis.
It's just conjecture here, but I think the primary reason for it being published is it's 'shock' value, dealing with apparently exotic human behaviour and inviting the reader to be a justified voyeur. :-)
Not a problem in itself, but I feel the author could have done alot better.

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I'd still be interested to read it, but it seems to be gone, replaced by some story about a visit to Turkey. Anyone have an idea where I can find a text of it, or, barring that, the title fo I can search for it?

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lmao^-^ tis a funny thin *nodz* i kinda liked it hehe

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