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Ohio Morphicon January Newsletter

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Ohio Morphicon January Newsletter
June 25-27, 2004 / Columbus, OH

There's only five short months until Ohio Morphicon 2004! Our January Newsletter covers the following topics of interest:

-- Early Registration Ends March 20th
-- Room Reservation Guarantee Ends June 3rd
-- Calling All Dealers!
-- December Ohio Morphicon Staff Meeting
-- Convention Contact Information

(read on for more...)*****

Early Registration Ends March 20th

Less than three months remain for early registration for Ohio Morphicon 2004. We encourage people to register early because it helps us better predict attendance, which allows us to provide adequate services for our attendees. If you're interested in supporting the convention, the best way to do it is to register now! Plus, by registering early, you'll save money; a full registration is only $25 through March 20th, and Sponsor options are also $5 cheaper.

Even Supporter-level registration receives the $5 discount, and it is possible to be both a Supporter (non-attending member) with the Sponsor or Super-Sponsor option. We'll mail our long-distance Supporters a copy of the all the appropriate registration goodies (except for the Super-Sponsor dinner, which probably wouldn't "keep" well by mail).

Visit to register online via PayPal, or alternately, try our mail-in form at (or if unable to read Word documents).


Room Reservation Guarantee Ends June 3rd

The Ohio Morphicon room rate is a low $69/night, but this rate is only guaranteed for reservations made by June 3rd. After this time, the hotel will do what it can to extend the Ohio Morphicon rate, but it's safer to reserve in advance. If you'll be staying at the convention, call the Clarion to reserve your room soon. You can contact them directly at 614-888-7440, or fax them at 614-888-7879. You may also call the central office at 1-800-CLARION (1-800-252-7466), and ask to make reservations at the Clarion Columbus North. Whichever route you go, be sure to ask for the "Morphicon room rate"!


Calling All Dealers!

We're still looking for more dealers for our dealers den. Due to the proximity of Ohio Morphicon to Anthrocon this first year, we realize some potential dealers will likely be unavailable to attend. Our dealer's room is purposely small, to ensure there will be a larger ratio of attendees to dealers. Several slots are still available for dealers, so if you're interested please contact for more information.

If you want to be a dealer at Ohio Morphicon, the cost of a table is only $10 plus a full admission (so $35 in total if registered by the cutoff date). Our dealers MUST have a Transient Vendor's Licence (flat license fee of $25, if you don't already have one) to sell in Ohio; you can download the form at or ask and we will mail one to you.

Again, our dealer space is very limited, so inquire soon!


December Ohio Morphicon Staff Meeting

Ohio Morphicon had its first official staff meeting in December, the minutes of which will be available soon. One important outcome of the meeting was the consensus that the convention organization will be seeking non-profit status (501(c)(3)). We'll be filing before the 2004 convention and hope to have our tax-exempt status prior to the 2005 convention.

Ohio Morphicon is already financially solvent for this year, and we fully expect the convention to continue into 2005. Our convention date for 2005 may change to a more favorable time-slot. If so, this will be decided and announced soon after the 2004 convention.


Convention Contact Information

Visit Ohio Morphicon's website at for more up-to-date information on the progress of the convention. If you're interested in hosting a panel or event, contact for more information. Most other questions can be directed to or addressed on our mailing list at (through Yahoo groups).

See you at the con!



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