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Ohio Morphicon February Newsletter

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Ohio Morphicon February Newsletter
June 25-27, 2004 / Columbus, OH

Ohio Morphicon is now only four months away! In this issue:

-- Early Registration Ends March 20th!
-- T-shirt Logo & Conbook Contest!
-- Performers Wanted for Variety Show
-- Hotel Shuttle Information
-- Dealer Search Update*****

Early Registration Ends March 20th!

Early registration ends in three weeks! This is your last chance to register early for the convention and save. Early registration is only $25 for all three days.

Visit to register online via PayPal, or alternately, try our mail-in form at (or if unable to read Word documents).

The Ohio Morphicon room rate is a low 69/night, but this rate is only guaranteed for reservations made by June 3rd, so you'll want to reserve your room soon. You can contact the hotel directly at 614-888-7440; be sure to ask for the Morphicon rate!


T-Shirt Logo & Conbook Contest!

Interested in a free upgrade from a general registration to a Super-Sponsorship (a $40 value)? That's what the winner of our T-Shirt Logo Contest will get!

We're looking for a quality t-shirt logo that fits the theme of Ohio Morphicon 2004, "In the Beginning". We're a small convention, so don't be afraid to apply; you just might win!

Even if your entry doesn't win, there's a good chance we'll use it for the conbook. We're also interested in very short stories, prose, and poetry for possible inclusion in the conbook, again in keeping with our "In the Beginning" theme. We would ideally like to get a wide representation of creation and genesis mythos, both traditional and contemporary, in our submissions--so be creative!

Email your questions and entries to Entries should be high resolution grayscale, and appropriate for all audiences (nothing above a PG rating). (Entries become property of Ohio Morphicon. Sending us an entry or a donation indicates that you allow us to reproduce or copy the image/text for non-profit commercial or promotional purposes.)

Our art director is also interested in getting "clip-art" sized doodles for inclusion in the conbook or flyers. If you have any little furry doodles you'd like to contribute, please send them to Publications. Thanks for your support!


Performers Wanted for Variety Show

Our variety show director is seeking fursuiters, performers, and puppeteers who want to be a part of our Variety Show. We are not soliciting individual acts (that's what our Masquerade is for). Rather, the show will be scripted by a team of writers, and we're looking for people interested in filling the roles.

Our Variety Show will contain some "mature" content, not "erotic" content. We desire a production with material appealing to a more mature audience, including drama, violence, and mature (but tasteful) humor. For this reason, performers will need to be eighteen years of age at the time of response.

If you'd like to help with the performance, email and let us know!

If you want to be a part of the writing team, you can email for more information. There is no guarantee we will accept additional writers at this time. You may also email us with suggestions and skit ideas, if you like.

If you're interested in the Masquerade, email for more information. Our Masquerade is competitive, will have acts scripted by the performers themselves, and is friendly to all ages.


Hotel Shuttle Information

Several people have asked us about the hotel shuttle.

There will be a courtesy shuttle to the hotel from both the airport and the Greyhound Bus station. The shuttle name is Urban Transportation, and the cost is $10 round-trip. The hotel should be notified a few days in advance on when to expect the arrival and drop-off of guests via the shuttle.

We'll put more information up on the website about the courtesy shuttle, within the next week.


Dealer Search Update

Ohio Morphicon is presently contacting many potential dealers for our Dealer's Den, so the currently available slots may go very quickly. We're interested in a having a diversity of expression among our dealers, so we'd especially like new artists and local artists to apply. Email us now at if you're interested, or have any questions.

Being a dealer is easy, even if you've never done it before. The table costs $ 10 plus a full admission (so $35 in total if registered by March 20th). Our dealers must have a Transient Vendor's Licence for Ohio (flat license fee of $25, if you don't already have one); simply download the form at, or ask us and we'll mail one to you.


For questions, concerns, and more up-to-date info:

See you at the con!



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