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Yay Mobius

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You Sonic freaks are going to love this. It's a bittorrent tracker dedicated entirely to Sonic the Hedgehog stuff.


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I have stumbled across that before, but it contains a lot of warez, so I'm not really sure it belongs posted at this site.

FCA3a>CA3ac A- C- D++ H+ M P++++ R+ T+++ W- Z->+ Sm RLCT a16 cdlnw++++ d+ e- f-->++ h*>-- iwf+++ j++ p* sm

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Well, if you don't like it, that's acceptable. But to say it doesn't belong here because every one of ten or fifteen torrents are both illegal and non-Sonic isn't very right.

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Should be reply to earlier post.

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Problem is, is that Flayrah is "unusually good information", a news site that's supposed to be reputable. Posting links to a pirating/warez site is not news, nor is it good. And it's not one of ten or fifteen torrents are illegal, they're ALL illegal.

I bet you not one of those seeds have permission to distribute those files. So again, why does the link belong here? It tarnishes what Flayrah's supposed to be.

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Yeah. OK. So technically they're probably all "illegal."

Of course, except for a few episodes, there is no "legal" way to obtain SatAM, nor any "legal" way to obtain AoSTH.

As for Sonic X, it appears on your TV screen every weekend, as the (absolutely horrible) FOX English version. You are permitted to see the visual medium, yet you also want the Japanese audio, and possibly English subtitles as well. There is no "legal" way to that either. Therefore, the system fails here.

The written law isn't always right. Use a little common sense and good judgement, and you can see that.

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So? Illegal's illegal here.

If you don't like that you can't buy DVDs of SatAM or AoSTH, write to the companies who have the license to them for North America. Start a petition drive. Let them know that they have enough people to make a profit off selling DVDs. It's not too hard if there really IS a market.

As far wanting the Japanese version, why not buy the Japanese DVDs? Plenty of R2 DVD sellers, just ask.

Remember, someone licensed the shows for the North American market, and they're allowed to distribute, edit and redub it as they plese within their contract with the original creator. If you don't like the voices or the distribution model, you really have no choice.


This time, the written law is right. Use any common sense to see that you're just trying anything to justify infringement, just to get something you are not entitled to get this way. It's entertainment, not a God-given right to have digital copies of a kids' show.

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So I can steal someone's car as long as I "really want it"? What is your legitimate life-and-death need for pirated episodes of Saturday morning cartoons that can be freely VCRed or Tivoed off of broadcast anyway?

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...If they can be freely acquired off of broadcast, then how is it "illegal" to have digital copies of them?

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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I'd like to point out that this link was posted in 2004, over 15 years ago, before there was a stigma about re-distributing recorded material and before a lot of the intellectual property rights laws with regard to online media were established. Please don't judge current-day me by 15-years-ago me.

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