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RCFM has a new domain!

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Hey Y'all!

Did you know that RCFM just got it's very own domain? YES! Now the site URL is so easy to remember, at

I just wanted everyfur out there to know that we're getting *really* close to having all the preparations for RCFM 2004 up and ready to roll for Memorial Day weekend. The events are lining up pretty well, the FOOD is getting organized and the website is just amazing, now that Tallyhawk is doing it instead of me. :D

This year is going to be SO much fun! Draconis is putting together a great Furry Variety Show, Oldfreek will be back with his Pawpetting 101 series, Thalyn will be holding court in the 24 hour Artists' Alley... and so much more!

We still have tables available in the Dealers' Den! Go visit the Den page on the website if you're interested in being a Dealer at RCFM, because we're one of the best table rates on the circuit. That, and we're anticipating an attendance over 150.

Want to hang some of your work in the Art Show? Check the Art Show page at! You send it in, we hang it, and you only pay RCFM a percentage if something gets sold. Be sure to read the page on the site regarding return postage.

Planning to bring your PC with you to RCFM? You might, since Chestnut Stallion and Raczoon are bringing their Traveling LAN Show to RCFM this year! They'll have a suite room of their own to set up in, and they know ALL the games...

If you wants lots of details about what's going at RCFM this year, just go to the website and start looking around! If you want the quickie version, then just take a look at the RCFM Newsletter, The ROCKET -->

Hope to see you all here in Huntsville the last week of May, Memorial Day weekend! ;)

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet


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