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Ohio Morphicon April Newsletter

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Ohio Morphicon April Newsletter
June 25-27, 2004 / Columbus, OH

Join our convention t-shirt art contest! In this edition:

-- Calling All Artists!
-- Charity Selected: Citizens for Humane Action
-- Panels of Interest at Morphicon
-- Hotel Reservations Through June 3rd
-- Airport/Greyhound Shuttle Update

(read on for more...)

*****Calling All Artists!

Ohio Morphicon is interested in your art! We currently need art for our conbook, for our silent charity auction, and for our t-shirt contest. Here are the details:

* All art deadlines are now May 20th.

* Our t-shirt art contest is extended until May 20th. All entries for the t-shirt contest should fit our "In the Beginning..." theme, and be formatted as high-resolution line art. The winner of the contest gets a free super-sponsorship upgrade. (If they can't attend the convention, we'll send them the super-sponsor goodies by mail.) Right now, the competition is still pretty light, so if you apply you just might win!

* Advertisement space will be sold in our conbook at the following rates, greyscale or line art only: $25 for full-page, $15 for half-page, and $9 for quarter-page. Our conbook is half-size, so a full page is 5.5" by 8.5".

* T-shirt entries that don't win the prize will go into our conbook, as will any original submissions fitting our "In the Beginning..." theme. Entries for the conbook may be line art or greyscale. As incentive, if you submit a quality piece of artwork that gets selected for inclusion in our conbook, you'll get a free quarter-page advertisement too!

* We will be hosting a small silent charity auction. If you're interested in donating a piece to help out a worthy cause, we'd be very grateful. Artwork for the auction does not have to be on-theme, but it must be appropriate for all audiences. See below for more on the charity we've selected for this year.

Any inquiries or submissions should be sent to our Publications guru at publications. Remember, the deadline is May 20th!


Charity Selected: Citizens for Humane Action

The charity we've selected for this year (pending final confirmation) is the Citizens for Humane Action ( ), a volunteer, non-profit animal shelter for dogs and cats in the Columbus community. Proceeds from our charity auction, a special raffle we'll be holding, and tokens used in the Pet Store game will all go to support the adoption of these animals.


Discussion Panels at Morphicon

Although we're a small convention, we still strive to bring useful and unique discussion panels to emphasize the diversity inherent in furry fandom. Here are a few sample panels from our scheduled programming:

Babyfurs - Come learn more about babyfurs! Swift Fox hosts this panel which will address lifestyle issues and clear up misconceptions about AB/DL and related cultures within furry fandom.

Animals in Sacred Dance - Renee King demonstrates and teaches animal-themed religious dances from various cultures, including Abrahamic and Native-American faiths. This will be an audience-participation panel, where the audience members have a chance to dance themselves.

Tail Making Workshop - Make bouncy big-cat tails out of foam pipe core and fur.

Do you have a panel you'd like to contribute? Send an email to and tell us about it!


Hotel Reservations Through June 3rd

The Ohio Morphicon room rate is a low 69/night, but this rate is only guaranteed for reservations made by June 3rd, so you'll want to reserve your room soon. You can contact the hotel directly at 614-888-7440; and be sure to ask for the Morphicon rate!

To register for the convention, visit to register online via PayPal, or alternately, try our mail-in form at (or if unable to read Word documents).


Airport/Greyhound Shuttle Update

Our initial shuttle information was inaccurate. Shuttle service in Columbus is remarkably expensive--but much less expensive if you travel in a group, so you may want to visit our discussion group (see below) to find a buddy arriving around the same time that you are, if you're flying in.

Shuttle price through Urban Shuttle for one person is $22 one-way, plus tax. However, each additional person is only +$5 total. So three people travelling together pay half as much individually as a single person.


For questions, concerns, and more up-to-date info:

See you at the con!



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