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Califur Newsletter - Fall 2004

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In this Newsletter:
Theme News
Guest of Honor Update
Hotel News
Registration News
Dealers Den/ Art Show News

Theme News:

Our theme for Califur.1 is "Welcome to the Islands", a
cross between the Spontoon Islands and "Blue Hawaii"

Guest of Honor News:

We are pleased to announce Brian Wear as our Artist
Guest of Honor, and Ken Fletcher as our Special Guest
of Honor. We are also pleased to announce that
Sub-Level 03 is returning to Califur this year to do
another great show for us!

Hotel News!

Califur.1 is proud to announce our new hotel and

Holiday Inn Costa Mesa
3131 S. Bristol Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The confirmed dates for Califur.1 are May 20th thru
May 23rd, 2005!

We will have the use of two spacious ballrooms, to
house the Dealers Room, and Main Stage, as well as
several smaller rooms to host our programming, Video,
and Gaming Rooms. Recently renovated, the hotel
features large spacious guest rooms offered to us at
very affordable rates, only $99 a night for a regular
guest room (quite large) and $175 for a suite (even
bigger). Visit for more
information about the hotel and amenities and for more information about booking a room, visit our website at www.califur,com

Registration News:

Our pricing structure has changed slightly this year,
we now have 6 classes of membership:

Supporting Membership:
$15 Gets you a year long subscription to our
newsletter, In-Fur-Nation, and the ability to upgrade
at the door for only 20 dollars to a Full Attending

One-Day Pass:
$25 If you can only make it for one day, this is the
deal for you. It includes a copy of the con book and
access to all programming until 2:00 AM. If you want
to stick around, you can easily upgrade to a full
membership for only $20 more.

Full Attending:
$35 before January 3rd, $40 before May 1st, and $45 at
the door: This level of membership gives you access to
all three days of the convention. With this you get a
copy of the con book and entry to all nighttime

$60 With this Level you get all the benefits of Full
Attending, plus access to the special VIP lounge, a
place for your name in the con book (if pre-registered
by May 1st), the short registration line, priority
seating for the Cabaret, and a free Califur.1 T-Shirt

$120 With this level you get all of the benefits of a
Sponsor membership a special gift, a free panel in the
art show, and our undying gratitude!

$1000 This is our platinum membership. These are the
people who are helping to carry the con forward into
the future and, for this, we thank you. With this
level you get all of the benefits of being a Patron, a
personalized gift, as well as a 10 year Patron Level
membership to the convention.

Dealers Den News:

Dealers' tables are still available! They are being
offered on a first come, first served basis. Each
table includes one Full Attending membership, and a
second Full Attending membership is available for only
$25 (Limit one Per Table).

Price: $60 per 6x6 stall ($75 Dollars After January

Note: You must have proof of a California Resale
Permit to claim your table. Limit two tables per
person. No resale of a dealers' table is permitted
without prior permission from the convention.

If you wish to receive dealers' table information,
please e-mail

For the Latest Up to date news about califur, visit our website at

Robert K. Johnson Jr.
Chairman, Califur
President, FENEC Adventures
AIM: AlohaWulf
ICQ: 114040316
Y!: RobertJohnsonJr


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