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Morphicon December Holiday Newsletter!

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Morphicon 2005 "Growing Pains": May 6-8, 2005
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH

Notice: Morphicon is coming up earlier this year than last, so register now; the deadline for early registration (and for the free Patron Membership contest) is March 1st, 2004, less than 12 weeks away!

In this issue:

* Morphicon 2005 Deadlines Set
* Sponsors and Patrons Get More!
* Looking to Get Involved at the Con?

(read on for more...)

*****<< Morphicon 2005 Deadlines Set >>

Important deadlines for 2005 are as follows:

* Registration: March 1st, 2005
We will be taking our online registration form down early this year. If you wish to register for Morphicon early (and save $6.00), you have to do it by the deadline. We will not accept mail-in forms postmarked after March 1st, either. You can always register at the door, but early registration will save you money and time! See for more.

* Dealer's Registration: As soon as tables sell out!
Want to be a dealer? It's pretty cheap to do so at Morphicon, since our Dealer's Registration is only a few dollars more than a standard registration. But you'll need to act fast to secure your table! Email dealers for more information if you're thinking about being a dealer--even if you've never done so before, we can help you make a decision.

* Free Patron Membership Contest: March 1st, 2005
Our contest is ending on March 1st as well. We pushed the date back a little to ensure that everyone gets a chance to enter! Entries should be line-art, and fit the "Growing Pains" theme. All entries must be emailed or postmarked to us by that date. One winner will be selected for the Patron Membership and the winning artwork will go on the convention t-shirt! The runners-up will see their artwork in the 2005 conbook. Submissions and requests for information can be sent to publications.

* Other Conbook Submissions: March 1st, 2005
Any submissions for the conbook that are not appropriate for the t-shirt contest (i.e. poetry, stories, advertisements, or grayscale art) must also be received by March 1st. Submissions and requests for information can be sent to publications.

(For more on our advertisment rates, or if you just want to do flyer swaps with our convention, publications can assist you.)

* Hotel Reservations: April 22nd, 2005
Hotel rooms must be reserved by April 22nd, but we recommend you do it sooner than later. After the deadline the room block will no longer be held. To reserve a room, call the Radisson directly at 614-436-0700, or fax them at 614-436-5318. You may also call the central office at 1-800-333-3333. You must ask for the Morphicon room rate (room block MO-005) to get the discount rate.


<< Sponsors and Patrons Get More! >>

The prices of our Sponsor and Patron Memberships have risen slightly, but we're offering a lot more this year, too:

Sponsors, for an extra $16, will get a signed color print each from Ken and Lisa Sample, admission to the special Sponsors-only "I Scream Antisocial" ice cream event, and a nifty collectible sponsor button by Ken Sample.

Patrons, for an extra $56, will get everything the Sponsors get, and more: a Morphicon 2005 t-shirt with the winning entry printed on the front, admission to the exclusive catered Guest of Honor dinner, preferred seating at Morphicon events, and a collectible printing of a rough-draft comic produced by Carole and Mike Curtis! Plus, you'll have the undying gratitude of the convention for helping make our furry dream a reality.


<< Looking to Get Involved at the Con? >>

Our convention doesn't work without your involvement! Here are some areas where we'd love to have a paw.

Charity: Please help us raise money for the AAF to save pets in SE Ohio! We need your art and memorabilia donations for our charity art auction and raffle. The goods you donate will make the con more fun and help save some furry lives. Send an email to charityif you're so inclined. The animals thank you!

Performance: Join one of the few judged furry masquerades out there! We accept suits that may have won awards at other conventions, and our masque has three levels of experience. If you're thinking of taking the plunge, send email to masquerade for more information.

Also, our infamous Furry Variety Show could always use some volunteers for pre-scripted performances. We'll find a place for you, so send email to variety show today!

Gophers: Volunteers make the con go 'round, and if you volunteer eight hours of work at Morphicon 2005, you'll get a free registration for the following 2006 year. Email gophers email if you'd like to be added to the list of potential gophers.

Artists: Curious about the Artist's Alley? You can email artists for more information about how it all works, or visit for the fine print. (If you're thinking of being a dealer, you'll want to email dealers for information as soon as possible, before our tables run out.)


As always, feel free to visit for up-to-date information on what's happening at the convention. We'll see you in May!



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