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Califur CF2.1 Semi-Occasional-Monthly Newsletter for February 2005

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Website News!
We now have several new features on our Website, not the least of which
are the new forums. If you registered on our old Forums, you will need
to register again. Go to for details.
Online Registration
Our online Registration System is completely new to serve you better!
It's now easier to use, and as always, you can still pay via credit
card. Our registration price is still only $40 for a full attending
membership, and our Patron and Sponsor class memberships remain
unchanged at $60 and $120 respectively.

Programing and SIG Information
We want to hear from you! We want to know what you want to see and do in
terms of programming and events at our convention. Send an email to to give you input, or head on over to our forums

Dealers Den Update
So far, the following dealers registered for our Dealers' Den:

'akbar Press
Brick By Brick Design
Endless Summer Studios
Indigoskye Bead Fashion
Jarlidium Pres
Wyrmkeep Entertainment
Brian Wear
Fantasy Illustrations by Little Paw

If you are interested in renting a dealers table at Califur or getting a
space in our artshow, email us at and we'll do our
best to take care of your needs.

Robert K. Johnson
Chairman - Califur CF2.1


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