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RCFM 3.14 uncoded information.

We hoped everyone enjoyed FWA, We sure did! They rocked!
Rocket City Furmeet hosted a room party there and it was well attended
We thank the staff of Furry Weekend in Atlanta for all of their
assistance. We hope to have them and many more coming to RCFM again
this year.

We need you to register for RCFM. Pre registration is best as it
gives us money to buy
stuff for you the con attendee. That would be food for the
hospitality lounge, or badge material
or any of those things that is needed to make a con happen like paying
for the space the con
is in. So here are some of our prices

10 - Single day membership
$10 - Non-attending, support level membership
$30 - Attending level membership, all three days
$40 - Sponsor level membership
$70 - Super sponsor level membership
$140 Booster! Our newest level

We are talking about adding a new level but more about that later.

There is some more important items and that is getting a hotel room.
If you are the one who is setting up getting a room. We reccommend
the help of UNIGLOBE Professional Travel in making hotel arrangements.
Call them at 800-653-6524 and reserve your hotel room soon.
Once again room nights are important to the con as they help defer the
cost of the space we use during the con. We will be using the con space
late on Sunday for events and panels so feel free to spend an extra night

There is even more to read below on extended text.2.0
Event Programming
Even though RCFM is not till May 27th to the 29th of 2005 we do
have a the schedule posted of what is going to be offered. Of course this is subject to changes
but we want you to know we are actively working on the schedule all
year long to bring to you as much as we can offer in all the
departments that RCFM has to offer! For more info just go to Event
Descriptions. These can be found here:

Artists and Artist's Alley
We have a 24 hour artist's alley where you can artist working and
making badges, drawing or whatever till the early hours in the morning.
The alley will also be hosting many art panels and events there also
including this year's first Iron Artist competition hosted by Stickdevil.

Guests of Honor
Is 2 the ranting Griffon and StickDevil. 2 will be offering his
rant on Saturday but there is something new on Friday. A chance to
rant with 2 a bit and get some praise from from 2
or have your tail feathers caught ablaze so look forward to that on
Friday night.
Stickdevil will be offering up a panel on Marker techniques. It will
be an interactive panel so bring your markers and paper and look to
learn from a master artist.

3 is reserved for Sublevel 3 which will be playing Sunday night and
our closing act. What a better way to top off the
meet with one of fandom's best and up and rising bands. Just once more
reason to plan to stay late on Sunday. They have been the musical
guests of Memphit Fur Meet and also Furry Weekend in Atlanta so you
know that they are hot!!
For more info on Sublevel 3 click this link>

Save a Buck or two on admission to RCFM 3.14
Become an RCFM Predator ! An RCFM Predator is a returning attendee
who brings with them someone (Prey) who has never been to RCFM before.
To receive your $5 Predator discount, Predator and Prey must register
or pre-register at the same time. Prey must list their Predator on the
registration form, and the Predator must name their Prey. Discounts
can only go directly toward membership, not dealer tables, artists'
alley, art show, etc. For answers to your questions contact Brody
Want to support RCFM? Become a RCFM Booster!

Photography and Video
Did you shoot any video? If so please send us what you shot so it
can be added to the webpage of photos of what happened at RCFM 2.0
Look in the Gallery of cool stuff we did there this year!! If you have more to offer once
again feel free to send an email to KO koakako@h... of what you are
wanting to send. We of course will be looking for folks to shoot
video and
photography this coming year also.

Food? Well how about this?
Freeze dried Foods? Space Sticks? No nothing like that will be
served at RCFM this year! Instead, we will be having several major
food events
along with some smaller ones. The ever-popular PizzaFeed will be here
offering our usual wide variety of Pizza Pi!. This will have a launch
window of
18:30 hours to 20:00 hours (for the laymen out there that is from 6:30 pm
till 8pm) just half an hour later we will start the dessert Fest. We
are sure you
will find some Pi there in some rather large amounts. For a little
more description of this check out this link
That is for just Friday!

Saturday, we begin exploration into the new food offering and that is
a Pasta feed. This is still in the works so details are still Top
Secret! But some info has leaked out that including the offerings there
there will also be a low carb offering also.

Every Morning expect to find our Head Rocket Scientist KO preparing
his own Rocket Fuel powered by Java Juice with the
Cappuccino with KO every morning.

As you can see there will be ample food offerings so feel free to
leave a donation in the jars so we can keep the food coming all
weekend long.

In working to get more Puppetry programming and events for 2005 we
are placing some of the key events for Puppetry in Prime time. If you
have programming, panels or events you want to run or help run at this
next year's RCFM please contact the Master of Puppets Oldfreek. He can
be reached at: oldfreek1@y...

What do you want to play? What are you willing to run? We have a
room set aside for gaming. If you have a game we need a name, a
description of it, how long your gaming session is and lastly what
time you want to run it. Let us know as soon as you can as some
gaming companies are willing to offer prize support with enough
notice. Contact Travis on the RCFM page

Yes, lots of alterations here also. With Babs Bunny as the
Panelist of Honor you know there will be all sorts of mayhem going on!
Look for her in Panels and on stage too. She will be leading the
Fursuit parade also!! Let's keep her active and busy by bringing her
as many pixie sticks as possible.
The Headless lounge will be offered in a dedicated room. There you
can cool off with water or Gatorade provided from the fine folks at MFM!

Fursuit games
Yes Walley World returns to provide games for the fursuiters.
Roy Walley Jr will be on hand to let you know about the new games that
have been supplied to him by none other then the RCFM con mascot
Jugular Jaguar! There will also be some of the Walley World classic
games also. You don't have to wear fur to be in the game just have to
be able to play nice!

Need a ride? Need a room? Want to mention something you want to
see in 05? If so there is the Discussion forum here we have also added a new forum of
Volunteering and Donation. So if you need some assistance getting to
RCFM post it there. Who knows who might chip in to get you there!

RCFM Live Journal
Can't pry yourself away from your LJ? Well there is now a RCFM LJ
community! Feel free to add a post or read what others have

Do you have a link and need promotion of your event? We have many
of the cons here We also have our own
RCFM banner there also. Feel free to post it on your website or where
ever you think it needs to be to help us out

We will once again be having PCDS as our charity again for
2005 Look for all the details here
and if you have items you would like to donate please let us know.

Variety show
The Variety show for 2004 had 15 acts for it. We will be shooting for
20 for 2005 for RCFM 3.14. If you have an act or an idea please
contact us at either or the show
coordinator. This address for right now: Draconis@kua,net ... for
ideas or information about what is acceptable for acts. The Yahoo
Group is available for discussion of acts for any con not just RCFM so
feel free to chat about whatever you need to there.

We hear that you want it! You want a contest; we are all willing
to see that it happens. We are looking for someone with the equipment
to organize this event. If you are that person please let us know so
we can place this event!

Lots of work for one joke. Well please share this joke with any
other mailing lists you think will be interested. We need you help in
promoting RCFM 3.14!


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