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Feral! 2005 - Update!

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Heya furs! There's some new news about Camp Feral!, furry fandom's premier summer escape! To check it out, just head to the forums to check it out! Here's a taste:

- The T-Shirt art is up on the site, designed by Anklebones and Wormwood!
- The Feral! Comic is starting out!
- New special guests are announced, including con organizer and storyteller Samuel 'Uncle Kage' Conway and writer Banwynn Oakshadow
- Conbook and Art Print submissions are being accepted!

Also, meet up with Potoroo, the chair for Feral! 2005, at Ohio Morphicon next weekend (and check out his music set Friday night!)

And go to the website at for more information!


Chair, Feral! 2005


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

Good to hear that Kage will be there again.

Had a great time last year };> (Pred/Prey: "Hello! West nile calling!").

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