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Morphicon July 2005 Newsletter

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Morphicon 2006: "The Food Chain"
May 5-7 at the Radisson Columbus-Worthington
In this report:

******************************Morphicon Presents: Furry Writers of Ohio Meeting

When: Wed., July 27th, 5:30pm until 7pm (possibly later)
Where: The Easton Mall at the Cup O' Joe lounge
What: Come one come all! Morphicon's Outreach Planner Venji is proud to present a kick-off party for the first of what will hopefully be many semi-annual meetings of the "Furry Writers of Ohio", a furmeet for furry authors, writers, readers, and fans. The host for this and future FWO events will be SonicBlu, published author, professional writer, and Ohio regional chapter head of the Horror Writers Association.

The meet will last for approximately an hour, and for those wishing to hang out longer may follow SonicBlu back to his apartment for movies, music, chatter, etc. Everyone is invited to participate! We'll have writing tips and examples, storytelling, and other fun games.

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Post Pride Parade Report (and Pictures)

This year Morphicon featured a small float in the Columbus Pride Parade, featuring logos for Morphicon, OhioFur, and general furry pride, with fursuiters walking the parade route, and furry music blasting through the crowd.

Morphicon's participation in the Columbus Pride Parade was a resounding success! Nearly one hundred thousand people turned out for the Pride event, and Morphicon's float was greeted with cheers at every corner. Six fursuiters contributed to the event, and our float included banners for, general Furry Pride, and a walking banner flag for OhioFur.

Pride Parade Pictures are already available from Trickster and also
Brown Leopard
, and our website has been updated with additional information and album links.

This year's Parade was *incredibly* hot and humid, much worse than our experience in the same Parade two years ago. Three of our suiters suffered from minor heat exhaustion. Fortunately, several veteran performers were available to assist in cooling down the overheated, and everyone turned out okay. We're determined to take additional precautions at future Summer suiting events to ensure that this problem is not repeated.

We'd like to give an extra special thanks to Brown Leopard for letting us use his truck for the float. We'd also like to thank our tireless suiters for braving the heat: Kattywampus, Lightpaw, Johnny Tanuki, Wolfnevets, TuTail, and Babs Bunny.

Special thanks to Venji for putting on a free Pride Picnic the following day! While this was not an official Morphicon event, it was very popular and a good introduction to Venji's new role as our official Outreach Planner for future local Morphicon-sponsored events.

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Morphicon 2006 Staff Announced

Without further ado, here's our list of staff for 2006:

Chair, Hotel, Web - Trickster
Charity - Keeshah
Con Courier - Thalyn Chatnoir
Dealers & Artists - Bastian DuVane
Gaming - Swift Fox
Goodies - Babs Bunny
Gophers - Tamaria
Hospitality - Kada-Ru
Internet - WhiteShepherd
Masquerade - Max Goof
Operations - Pelzig
Outreach - Venji
Programming - Ostrich
Publications - Squirrelly
Registration - Jewel
Security - Brown Leopard
Spirituality - Mark King
Technical - Ramseys T. Bull
Variety Show - Vixie!
Video Room - Kattywampus

Outreach is a new position for planning and implementing monthly community meetings sponsored by Morphicon Corporation. We at Morphicon want our convention to be more than just a once-a-year thrill. Our goal is to be involved in the local furry community year-round, and our Outreach Planner (Venji) will be the person responsible for helping us reach this aim.

Check out the recently updated for more information on our staff selection, and how to contact various departments. More information will be available on volunteerism very soon, for those of you interested in being Gophers in 2006.

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On the Horizon

Morphicon will be sponsoring a new event every month. In August, our annual Free Fall Picnic returns, and in keeping with our The Food Chain theme, we want it to be a big one!

We will be contacting last year's dealers immediately to offer them first pick at our tables. We had a lot of positive response and our Dealer's Den space is limited, so it's possible our tables will go fast. We should be able to open up Dealer's Den slots to the public by the end of July.

We'll also be securing Gopher spots soon. Only a certain number of Gophers will be accepted prior to the convention, though we anticipate there will likely be space for Gophers up until the convention hits. Gophers must be registered for Morphicon 2006 before they can sign up on the volunteerism list.

As always, see for the most current information. Stay furry!


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