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Morphicon September 2005 Newsletter

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Morphicon 2006: "The Food Chain"
May 5-7 at the Radisson Columbus-Worthington

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Furtopia's Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

Despite a bit of rain, Morphicon's Free Fall Picnic was a great success. However, thanksgiving for our bounty this month comes at the expense of realizing that there are others who are less fortunate. Due to the recent disaster in the US, many are in dire need of basic requirements we often take for granted.

WhiteShepherd, administrator of Furtopia and Board member for Morphicon Corporation, has set up a relief fund for furries who have been devastated by the storm and contacted staff for emergency assistance.

The relief fund is accepting monetary donations, pledges of emergency shelter, and clothing for displaced and needy furs. Furtopia's parent organization is a 501(c)(3) organization, so you may be entitled to deduct monetary contributions from your taxes.

For more information, please see the forum:;f=1;t=12640

Furtopia and Morphicon thank you for your support of those in need.

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Morphicon Dealers Den Slots Open

Morphicon has extended invitations to dealers from 2005, and now the Dealers Den is open for new dealers. The cost for a dealer's membership is still cheap, at $45. We try to keep our den small enough that the artist to attendee ratio is favorable for dealers who need to make a profit from sales.

To this end, space in the den is extremely limited. See for more information on what it means to be a dealer at Morphicon. If you're thinking of being a dealer for our 2006 convention, please contact <dealers AT> immediately.

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Morphicon Tail-Making Workshop and Slumber Party

When: Sept. 24 from 8 pm, on to next morning
Where: Trickster & Jewel's Den
Why: Furs just want to have fun!

Need a tail? Want to learn how to make your own?

That's right, it's Morphicon's official Tail-Making Workshop and Slumber Party! We'll have snacks, sodas, DVDs, MST3K movies, lots of tail-making supplies and tutorials, and about 80 different shades of claw polish. No toe is safe!

Various unhealthy breakfast foods will be served in the morning. RSVP on the Morphicon mailing list. Please bring your own sleeping bag and blankets, or request sleep-space in advance.

For details, directions, and other stuff, join the Morphicon mailing list at (we'll post the skinny about a week in advance).

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Regional Ohio Events List

There are so many events being hosted by local furries this month and next, we've decided to begin listing non-affiliated regional furry events on our homepage to better facilitate the local furry community. Here's a synopsis of some of the regional events being hosted in the near future:

Cincinnati Fall Furmeet (Sept. 16)
A regional gathering of Cinti-area furs.
join OhioFur ( for details

Furtopia's Art for Kids Project (Sept. 16-17)
Artists and fursuiters entertain hospitalized children.
contact <admin2 AT> for details

Morphicon Tail-Making Workshop and Slumber Party (Sept 23-24)
See above for all the details!

Western PA Fall Furry Weekend (Oct. 7-9)
A big furmeet in Western PA. See the webpage to register.

Central Ohio Renfest Furry Trip (Oct. 8, tentative)
Come visit the Renfest, furry style.
join OhioFur ( for details

Crufty Fur Meet (Oct. 22-23)
Fursuits troll the Akron zoo on Saturday.
On Sunday, come to Columbus for mini-golf.
join OhioFur ( for details

Morphicon Halloween Stomp (Oct 29 or 30, tentative)
To be announced in our next newsletter!

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On the Horizon

Next month's newsletter will have information about the next few Morphicon events being planned, as well as the details on our new super-patron level, "Hypertrophe". We may also have bios up for our 2006 Guests of Honor, "Trixi and Tet" Dewalt and Bill Holbrook.

For up-to-the-minute information about the convention, join the Morphicon mailing list community at or visit our website at for information about the con.

Stay furry!


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