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RCFM: The 4th Dimension Newsletter 4.01

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Rocket City Furmeet: The Fourth Dimension!

What exactly is the 4th Dimension? It is about Time. So, the RCFM theme is about Furry Time! Does this mean events will start late and end late? Well, we hope not. We hope to keep this past year's track record of nearly everything starting and ending in a timely fashion.

We currently do not have registration for 2006 operational yet, but do not fret! Our diligent web tiger is working hard to install a new online registration system that will be faster, more efficient, with an error-resistant Teflon coating for all your registration needs. We will have it up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

What can you expect for RCFM: The 4th Dimension? For starters, our Musical Guest of Honor (GoH) is Sub-level 03. They will be performing a live concert on Saturday Night! Our Artist GoH is Aura Moser. Another guest you can expect to see is the Honored Kinky Turtle (KT). KT is known for all of his convention journals that he illustrates. You can find his journal from RCFM and other cons and meets on his website ( KT will be hosting many panels and activities. (Yig-ped!) RCFM's Panelist of Honor is White Wolf. She is known for her fursuit building, her artistry, and for running around all the cons in suit! She, too, will be there hosting panels and being part of events.

Rocket City FurMeet is proud of its pack-leading food events. At RCFM 3.14, we featured a well stocked Hospitality Lounge, a Pizza Feed, a Pasta Party, and a Dessert Orgy as our top food events. You can look for a return of these (with some tweaks and changes) and possibly more.

Artists! Remember that RCFM has the first and longest running 24 hour Artists' Alley. Programming with artists in mind will expand in 2006. So, start up that drawing, painting, or coloring. Keep the conbook in mind. We love to feature work of new and upcoming artists in our conbook so submit art early at our website, If the conbook is not for you, there is the Art Show and the Art Auction.

Dealer's Den: We are improving and upgrading the Den. More tables, more vendors, more great stuff! If you would like more information on being a Dealer at RCFM or just have a question, please send an email to

And here is something new you may not have heard, but, this year, we will be hosting the Ursa Major Awards at RCFM! The Ursa Major awards acknowledge achievements of the anthropomorphic world. More information on that will be available as it develops.

Entertainment? Why, of course! We've already mentioned Sub-level 03. Critical Fail will be performing. We will have the Variety show, Tag-Team Iron Artist, Walley World games, Puppetry events, and more! We will be working to keep you so busy that you will wonder where all the time went. (Time... get it?)

You can count on lots of entertaining programming to run into the late hours on Sunday, so plan on spending another night with us! Consider volunteering your time and skills with either hosting panels, working events, or sharing your experience. Just contact us and let us know how you want to participate so that we can work things out ahead of time.

Look for us at MFF: We'll be hosting a room party. You can pre-register there!

RCFM: The 4th Dimension can be found at on the Internet and in the real world in Huntsville, Alabama during the last weekend of May 2006.

So, plan to spend some "time" with us. We're doing lots of advance planning so watch for future newsletters and announcements. Pre-register soon, and check our website,, regularly and often!


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