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Anthrocon 2006 Conbook Seeks Artwork And Stories

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Anthrocon is currently seeking submissions of artwork, fiction, photography, and articles for publication in its 2006 convention book.

For complete guidelines and release form, check out the Anthrocon Conbook Submission Guidelines page at
Anthrocon asks for one-time, non-exclusive print rights for submitted works. This means Anthrocon will print accepted submissions one time in the conbook. The artist or author may publish the submitted work in any other fashion; previously, at the same time and after.

While we welcome any submissions of most any nature, please be aware that priority may be given to those works that complements the theme of the convention, 'Making History.' Pieces should be in the 'G' to 'PG-13' rating.

Anthrocon is having a drawing for all the people who submit material to the convention book. The prize? Nothing less than an 'honorary' Super-Sponsorship for you! You will get all the Super-Sponsor perks: Shorter registration line, Convention T-shirt, a super-sponsor only meal with our guests of honor, and a special gift that only the super-sponsors receive. This package is valued at $175.00.

How do you get into the drawing? Simply send stories or artwork to us. For each piece that is sent according to guidelines (proper release forms, proper formatting, etc.), you will get one entry into the drawing. Send two sketches, get two entries. Send 10 sketches and 10 stories, you get 20 entries! There is no limit of entries, so send as much as you like! Please note that winning the drawing does not guarantee that your art or story will be used in the convention book, and publication of submitted work in the final convention book is not necessary to win.

As a special bonus, we are offering two prizes. One prize will be awarded for submissions of photography or artwork, while the second will be awarded for story or article submissions. People may have submissions in both categories, but the same person may not win both prizes.

Your submission (and release form) must be received no later than March 31, 2006 to be eligible for the drawing. Winners will be randomly selected on April 2, 2006. The winners will be notified by e-mail (or snail-mail, if an e-mail address is not available) immediately after the drawing is held.

Members of the Anthrocon Board of Directors are not eligible for this drawing, but everyone else is welcome. If the winner already has purchased a membership, the alternate prize offered will be a free upgrade to super-sponsor status. Prizes may not be applied against future years, and must be claimed for the 2006 convention. We look forward to your submissions!


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