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RCFM 4: "The Fourth Dimension" Newsletter 4.2.4

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Newsletter 4.2.4

Rocket City Fur Meet - The Fourth Dimension!
May 26 -28, 2006, Huntsville, AL

We have seen the recent Midwest Fur Fest, and it was good! We hope everyone enjoyed one of our favorite furry events. RCFM was there and hosted a room party. We didn't sell a lot of memberships but we all had a great room party once again.

If you missed MFF maybe you were able to join the first furry cruise that headed out of Florida for 4 nights to hit the high seas! The fursuiters were a big hit on the ship and it looks like the Furry Cruise may become a yearly event in December.

On the horizon, Further Confusion is coming up in January. What better way to start the New Year than with a furry convention? Especially one that so many of us know and love.

Regardless of your favorite Con or Meet, we sincerely hope that you'll find time this year to come join us for Rocket City FurMeet, "The Fourth Dimension". Convieniently situated on Memorial Day weekend, it's an experience not to be missed!MEET INFORMATION MEDIA

GUESTS OF HONOR - We are please to have as our Artist Guest of Honor, Aura Moser who will be gracing us with many graphics and will likely be holding a panel or two. Next will be our Musical Guests of Honor, Sub-Level 03. They will be performing a live show in 2006, and we're *really* looking forward to that!

We will also have everyone's favorite turtle as our Special Guest, KT! We're interested to see the Diary for this one, and hopefully KT will hold a panel discussing how he got started on the ever-popular convention Diaries in the first place. Last but not least is our Panelist of Honor for 2006, Latin Vixen, who will be sharing some fursuiting secrets with us and hopefully much more!

In addition to our guests this year, we will also be welcoming back 2, The Ranting Gryphon for another of his most excellent shows! He had fun last year being our Guest of Honor in 2005, so we're sure he's looking forward to 2006, where he'll have a little more chance to relax and let his feathers down...

ARTISTS - As Time goes by, it will fly much faster then you think and RCFM 4 will soon be here. If you are an artist, start drawing those sketches now! We look forward to seeing the artwork you submit to either the Conbook or the Art Show.

If you can work this year's theme (The Fourth Dimension) into your artwork then that is great, but it's not required. We are also looking for artwork to grace our webpage, if you are so inclined to create a digital RCFM masterpiece. We like getting an early start on these things so there is lots of time to make adjustments or corrections.

If you have some artwork you would like to e-mail, or just want to ask a Department Head a question, please do! The contact information for all RCFM departments can be found on our website, at Don't forget to check out the "Original 24-Hour Artists' Alley" while you're at RCFM!

PICTURES - If you'd like to see what we were up to in years of RCFM past, check out the Photo Gallery page and see how many faces you recognize! --> ( )

MUSICIANS - Time after Time we mention that RCFM has many furry musical performers, and performances as well. If you play an instrument, sing, strum a guitar or just want to bang on the drum all day... please contact Draconis or Brody. We're working on panels and other events that showcase furry musical talent and we are looking for your involvement and/or interaction!

We have been expanding the musical side of programming each year we host RCFM. Last year we had both Critical Fail AND Sub-Level 03 provide musical performances for your entertainment. We can only do this with your help so please join in and have even more fun at RCFM this year!

URSA MAJOR AWARDS - We are honored to be hosting the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Award (aka The Ursa Major Awards) this year at RCFM 4. Presented annually for excellence in the furry arts, it is intended as Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom's equivalent of the Hugo Award ® presented by the World Science Fiction Society, mystery fandom's Anthony Award, horror fandom's Bram Stoker Award, and so forth. You too can vote on who derserves the award in many different categories! More information is available on their website, at: ( )

VOLUNTEERS - Remember that being part of the RCFM programming, whether hosting a panel or otherwise helping to make an event happen, you can get credit for volunteer hours! Your participation helps make the Meet successful, and Samii Tiger is planning to raffle many wonderful Volunteer prizes this year. And that's in addition to the regular benefits of being a volunteer!

Help RCFM 4 be "All the Meet it can Be" by contacting Programming Head Draconis at or Volunteer Herder Samii at Information on volunteering at RCFM can be found at

TIME! - No Time to Lose? No! time to lose? No Time, to lose? No time to Lose! (A textual nod to all you Monty Python fans!) Yes, RCFM 4: The Fourth Dimension is all about Time, and we predict a Great Time will be had by all!

REGISTRATION - The Registration page of the RCFM website is ready and waiting for you! ( ) Pre-reg costs are listed below, but it goes up if you wait too long. (Pre-registration ends May 21st, so get yours in now!)

(Please note that we're *almost* ready to post hotel room reservation information on the website, so keep checking back! Please pardon the inconvienience and rest assured we will get this ready as soon as possible.)

$10 - Non-attending, support level membership
$15 - Single day membership
$30 - Attending level membership, all three days
$40 - Sponsor level membership
$70 - Super sponsor level membership
$140 - Booster level membership

Each level of registration gets you different perks.

Attending level members receive: - The Official RCFM conbadge - The RCFM bag-o-schwag (Official RCFM Conbook, Schedule of Events, & whatever else we can come up with for you.)

Sponsor level members receive: - An official RCFM: 4th Dimension T-shirt - Plus everything attending members receive.

Super Sponsor members receive: - Exclusive color print autographed Aura Moser - A Chinese Buffet Luncheon with the Guests of Honor - Plus everything Sponsor members receive.

RCFM Boosters receive: - An invitation to the Booster Appreciation Room Party - Front row seating at Events - A commissioned con badge from any artist in the Den or Alley - A Booster exclusive color print autographed by the GoH - Boosters' Sunday Brunch - A nifty RCFM canvas tote bag - Private stock of selected beverages and snacks - Plus everything Super Sponsor members receive.

(Non-Attending support level members members receive: - Everything that an Attending member receives - Plus we'll mail it to you instead of having you pick it up here.)

PREDATOR DISCOUNT - We are once again offering the Predator discount! An RCFM Predator brings with them someone (Prey) who has never been to RCFM before. A Predator can have as many Prey as can be caught! For each Prey you bring with you to the Meet, you will receive $5.00 off your registration fee. Bring enough Prey and your membership will be free! (Yes, really!)

Predator and Prey must register or pre-register at the same time and identify each other on their forms. Prey must list their Predator on the registration form in the space provided and the Predator must name their Prey. Discounts can only go directly toward membership, not dealer tables, Artists' Alley, Art Show, etc., and cannot exceed the value of the membership level for which the Predator is registering.

PRIVACY POLICY - Any and all information you send to RCFM will be kept confidential. Period. It is intended only for RCFM use and will not be seen by anyone else for any reason. Unless there's some serious crime, and even then they'll need police and a court order to get it out of us. It's private information and it will stay that way.

Perhaps you should register now, while there is still Time! ( )

STAFF MEETINGS - If you want to be a part of the RCFM planning process, we hold monthly Staff Meetings either at a nearby furry convention or at our Radisson Suite hotel. If you want to share your ideas, help with the planning, or even want to be a part of RCFM Staff... our Staff Meetings are always open for anyone to attend, and you're welcome to do so! Here is the current schedule of RCFM Staff Meetings:

- Saturday, January 28, 2006, 2pm
- FWA room party: sometime on the weekend of February 17-19
- Sunday, March 25th, 2006, 1pm
- Saturday, April 22nd, 2006, 2pm
- Morphicon room party: sometime on the weekend of May 5-7

The Clock is ticking away but soon you will be able to see the Programming schedule for the meet! That and the continuing process of planning for the Meet can be found at

For those of you in Furcadia or Second Life, keep in mind that we have now established an RCFM Presence in both of these online worlds! Here is the link to the Furcadia map: ( ). If you cannot find us, feel free to e-mail RCFM's Furcadia Liason AmberWolf at: for more information.

Changes are happening every day, so keep in mind that the RCFM website may have newly updated information as early as tomorrow! And then you'll say "...about time...", and then we'll agree and say "Why yes, it's ALL about Time this year!"

(Yes, it's only January and we're already running low on "Time" jokes. Why not come share some with us by talking on the RCFM YahooGroup! ( )

See Y'all in May!


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