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Morphicon February 2006 Newsletter

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Morphicon: "The Food Chain": May 5-7, 2006
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH
Honoring: Candy and Ryan DeWalt, and Bill Holbrook

In this issue:

T-Shirt Contest Winner Announced
Early Registration Ends in a Few Days
Morphicon Movie Night
Masquerade Registration
Selected Events for 2006

T-Shirt Contest Winner Announced

Popular and talented furry artist KittFoxx is the winner of the 2006
Morphicon T-Shirt Contest. You can see the winning entry at . As the sharper ones among you may
have already deduced from the contest name, his art will appear on the 2006
t-shirt. He'll also be getting a free Patron membership, and be invited to
help decorate a cake at our cake-decorating contest. Who could ask for more?

Second place was won by Karen Kling. Her submission will appear on the cover
of the program guide, plus she'll be receiving $20 a registration upgrade.
Congratulations to both!

We had a lot of quality entries this year, so it was hard to determine a
winner. But those who did not win the contest will still be featured in our
2006 conbook.


Early Registration Ends in a Few Days

All good things must end, and so it is with Morphicon's early registration.
It ends on March 1st (Wednesday). You can save a hefty $10 by registering
now! That's enough for two comic books, or possibly even a hamburger in the
hotel restaurant!

This is also the last chance to register for Hypertrophe, so if you want to
go BIG, now is the time.


Morphicon Movie Night

Morphicon will be treating people to "Chicken Little" at the Dollar Westland
Theatre. It's Saturday, March 4th. Time will be determined on March 1st and
posted to the Morphicon group.

On the one paw, it's free. On the other paw, well, it's "Chicken Little",
and that's 78 minutes out of your life that you'll never get back. Is it
worth it? Only you can decide!


Masquerade Registration

The registration form for the 2006 Masquerade is online at . Consider signing up early if you
know you're going to compete anyway. If you're not entirely sure of your
information, you can change it at the con. Early registration helps us
estimate how many competitors we'll have, which helps us in our planning. Be
a part of one of the few official judged furry masques and sign up today!


Selected Events for 2006

Belching Contest!
How loudly can *you* belch? Win cheap prizes!

A furry field trip to the Perkins Observatory to see a presentation by
professional astronomers. If the weather is clear, you'll be allowed to use
the big telescopes. If it's cloudy, some other type of presentation will
take place.

Foam Weapon Workshop
Learn to make foam swords, axes, and other implements of mayhem. There'll be
a sword fight area designated outside of the hotel, and a grand sword battle
staged for Sunday night. Cost is going to be roughly $3 per sword.

Are You a Werewolf?
SwiftFox and Silaria once again host the popular party game "Are You a
Werewolf?". Easy to learn, fun to play, and fun to watch. You can play in
fursuit too! Read Kinky Turtle's comic about how to play.

Potoroo in Concert
A live musical performance with furry musician Potoroo Gantreian.

Pizza Feast and Karaoke Sing-Along
The ever-popular Pizza Feast and Karaoke Sing-Along returns! An event so
colossal, it needs two function spaces! Stuff yourself with free pizza, and
laugh at your friends as they make fools of themselves singing along with
our professional karaoke service. But beware - our Karaoke Cheermeister may
order you to stand up and sing...

Lots of other stuff too! Visit to see what all we have planned.


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