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RCFM newsletter ver. 4.4.1

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Subject: 4.4.1 Newsletter for RCFM

Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn't seem to be working.
--- Anonymous

As the sun set on Further Confusion with its RenFur theme, we went 'Back to the Future' with Furry Weekend Atlanta. Rocket City Fur Meet was there with our annual room party. The party was a blast and so was the convention! The next gathering on the furry calendar is PawPet MegaPlex which runs from March 17th to the 19th in Orlando, Florida. RCFM will hold a room party there as well, so there's another reason to attend and share the fun.

Time is Money. (Or so they say.) In our last newsletter we told you about registration for RCFM 4. If you need another look, it is here: Need a hotel room? We have some hot info for you. We have our normal con rate of $69 a night if you the call the hotel directly. You can actually save a few more bucks by registering online. This is a new system, but your cost for the nightly stay will be lower! You can get a rate of $66 a night for a stay of two nights or more if you book your room on line.

Dance your tails off to your favorite music played by your favorite stripy-tailed DJ, Amberwolf! Send your requests to and your DJ will do her best to get your song on. What's your pleasure? Techno, rock, alternative, jazz, classical? The Thylacine has it all! Note that the dance times will be expanded this year so they will run as late as you want to dance, or until the dance floor clears!

Seeing how well the request dance went last year, we will be adding that idea to our Video and Anime rooms. So start putting together your ideas of what you want to see. In the next newsletter we will tell you where to send those requests.

Our Dealer's Den has been expanded, and we are looking for more dealers. We still have a few tables left, so if you have something you think your fellow furs would want contact Shiro, our den master:

RCFM will host the presentation of the Ursa Major Awards this year for outstanding anthropomorphic achievement in fields such as literature, art and animation. For more info check here:

We will be adding a new activity to Sunday's programming. You, the attendee, can bring your items and we will auction them off. RCFM will take a small commission along with Alabama sales tax. Here is a chance for you to unload some of those items that are gathering dust on your shelves and maybe make some money for the trip home.

Speaking of auctions, we are looking for items for our charity auction which will be held on Saturday. Our charity is Parenting Children of a Different Species. (PCDS) Joel, the founder of this charity, will be on hand all day Saturday with animals that PCDS has saved from kill shelters. If you don't have money or items to donate, adopting one of these animals would be an excellent way to help this wonderful shelter.

Programming for RCFM is expanding this year. We are currently offering 4 panels on fursuit head building, two parades, half a dozen puppetry panels, (many of these hosted by our Panelist of Honor, Santa Fox), and Texas Hold'em and Black Jack nights (hosted by Horse's Ghost). We are also providing new panels not seen at other conventions that will focus on things that furs might find interesting. RCFM 4 will feature many items for Children's programming with 6 panels and events geared with the kittens and cubs in mind. Many of these will be hosted by Amberwolf.

Artists have requested live models this year and we want to provide them. Now we just need some models! If you are interested in modeling for our artists please let us know. Another art event will be the weekend-long drawing event based on our con theme for next year. That starts on Friday!

Need an excuse for staying until Monday? We will be scheduling two Sunday Night dances. You will have a choice of DJ Genki with a Rave dance, or a slower-paced Dead Dog Dance. Lots to do and be a part of.

The RCFM schedule will be posted soon, so keep an eye out for it at:

Please post this to any list or newsletter where interested readers might gather -- Anime, Sci-fi, furry or anything else we might have overlooked. Time is running out!


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