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Morphicon March Madness 2006 Newsletter!

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Morphicon "The Food Chain": May 5-7, 2006
Radisson Columbus-Worthington, OH
Honoring: Candy and Ryan DeWalt, and Bill Holbrook

In this issue:

* Hotel Rate Ends April 19th!
* Pre-con Events
* Ferrets Still Need You
* Fluxx Tournament Scheduled
* Travel Information
* FVS Preparations

**************************************Hotel Rate Ends April 19th!

The hotel rate for the convention ($89/night for double-queen rooms) is guaranteed only through April 19th. To reserve a room, call the Radisson directly at 614-436-0700, or fax them at 614-436-5318. You may also call the central office at 1-800-333-3333.

Whichever route you go, you must ask for the Morphicon room rate (room block MO-503).

This year our room block is more contiguous--but having a room where everyone else is located will depend on how quickly the room block fills up (and therefore, on how soon you reserve your room). The room check-in time is at 4 pm, but if a room is available before this time (not guaranteed) the Radisson will be happy to check you in early.


Pre-con Events

We're so near to con now, that we're all out of Morphicon-sponsored events for this year. However, this Saturday (on the first of April) we will host a final private fling in the Umbra for all of our fellow werecreatures. If you plan to join the pack, please meet us by the shores of the Silver Lake in the alternate dimension (you know the spot) no later than 3 am on Saturday.

Loud howling and other animalistic behavior is encouraged, as always. If you don't know Primal, a small "survival primer" will be provided to you to assist in your interaction with natives. But BYODH, please.


Ferrets Still Need You

Ferrets Unlimited is a volunteer no-kill shelter which finds homes for abandoned ferrets, and which provides a permanent loving home for those for whom an adoptee can't be found. They'll be presenting informational panels on ferrets as pets, and also conducting presentations on how you can help homeless ferrets by volunteering at the shelter or adopting one.

Please help save a ferret by donating art or memorabilia! They will thank you for it with inescapable cuteness. No donation is too small--consider parting with an extra print or knick-knack. You can donate by contacting charity (preferred if possible), or at the convention itself (always welcome).


Fluxx Tournament Scheduled

Looney Labs is sponsoring a Fluxx tournament at Morphicon, and prizes will be provided. If you've never played Fluxx before, it's easy to learn and maddening to play. If you have, you'll surely want to join in the fun.

The slots for Fluxx: 1-3pm and 9-11pm on Friday, 9-11am and 6-8pm on Saturday, and Finals on 4-6pm on Sunday (soon to be added to the online schedule). Looney Labs will be sending us three copies of their new EcoFluxx game for tournament play and to be given over as prizes for the runners up. 1 Flowers & Fluxx, and 2 Fluxx Blanxx will be the main prize, and two 25 packs each of our micro catalog and the EcoFluxx Pledge cards as swag to everyone who participates. Thanks Looney Labs!


Travel Information

There's plenty of parking space at the hotel, and a free shuttle from the airport (just call the Radisson). We now have information for those arriving at the Greyhound station on Rich Street, as well. One block west of the station is the corner of High Street, where one can take a #2 Crosswoods COTA bus to the Worthington Radisson. Remember, only the Crosswoods bus will get you all the way there.

Fares for COTA are $1.50 per trip (transfers are free), and all-day passes are $3.50.


FVS Preparations

Our pre-scripted risque-humor variety show is once again kicking off, and we need your involvement! If you've never been in a show before, we will still find some way to involve you. Fursuiters are always our largest need, but non-fursuiters also have places in our skits and behind the scenes. If you want to be a part of the madness, or you're just insatiably curious, email varietyshow and request to be added to the FVS mailing list.


See you in May, and stay furry(*)!

(* Mainly because it will be pretty awkward if you show up having totally changed your mind about this whole bizarre animal-person-art-costuming thing.)



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