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FC2008 May Newsletter

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Welcome to our first newsletter for Further Confusion 2008, where we'll be
celebrating our 10th year with Fur East style.

In this issue:
1.  Room Parties at BayCon and Fanime
2.  Open Staff Positions
3.  Hotel Rooms
4.  Dealers Room
5.  Second Life
6.  Where we've been recently
7.  Next staff meeting
1.  Room Parties at BayCon and Fanime

We will be hosting room parties at both BayCon and Fanime, taking place
during Memorial Day weekend this year. At the present time, we don't have
the room numbers that we'll be in, but keep an eye out on our Forums and
Livejournal as we will post those details there.
What we can tell you now is that the Fanime room party will be on Saturday
night, while the room party at BayCon will be on Sunday night. Hopefully,
depending on if the host can make it past their bed-time, both parties
will be going on until 2 AM at the latest. If you would like to help out
with the room parties, please send an email to The parties will be in a pot-luck format,
so feel free to help by bringing along snacks and drinks to the events.

2.  Open Staff Positions
While it is only May, it's never too late to get involved with Further
Confusion. We have a number of open positions across the entire scope of
staff. Being a staff member can be both challenging and rewarding. If
there is a specific field you are interested in helping out with, please
email and mention what you would like to help out
with, and it will be directed to the appropriate department.
Some specific positions that we are looking for is a Marketing 2nd,
although you need to be located in the SF Bay Area, as well as staff to
assist in the Creator's Lounge. Anyone on the Creator's Lounge staff will
be part of the planning group for any events that will happen within that

If you're interested in these, or any other positions, let us know at

3.  Hotel Rooms

We're selling our hotel rooms quicker than ever this year. Already, we're
out of Parlor Suites, Executive Level rooms, as well as 'accessible'
rooms. Also, we're running really low on Double Queen rooms on the Monday
night, so if you're trying to book your reservation in a room of this
type, and your plans include Monday night, you may be told that we're sold
out. There's still some wiggle room that we have this early out, so - as
always - our recommendation is to book whatever room that you can, then
email us at, letting us know the name you
booked the room under, your confirmation number, and what you'd like us to
try and do. Our hotel liaisons will do their best to help you get that
room. If you have any other questions regarding our hotel, please check
out our Hotel FAQ at <>.

4.  Dealers Room

We have presently sold out of all tables other than the Half Table size
spaces - and even those are going fast.

If you would like one of those half-table spaces, download the form from
the Dealers Room website <>,
print it out, and then fill it in requesting a half table. Include a check
for US$65.00 (US$70.00 if you want a space with electricity), and then
mail it to the address on the form. Act quick - these final spaces will
sell out soon!

5.  Second Life

Earlier this month, we opened our club house in Second Life. During the
opening party, we had about 20 virtual folks attend, and even had a live
DJ for the event. The club house is simply called the Further Confusion
Club House. You should be able to find it with the search feature, or it
can be located in Critter Valley 164,162,22. Big thanks to Loran, Epic
Tank, and every one else involved for making this happen.

6.  Where we've been recently

We've had people at the following conventions recently, so if you were
there, you might have seen our flyers:
 - All Fur Fun (Spokane, Washington)
 - NorWesCon (SeaTac, Washington)
 - CaliFur (Costa Mesa, California)

7.  Next staff meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on June 16th, starting at 12noon in the San
Jose DoubleTree hotel. Parking is free - you'll be able to let the parking
staff know that you were with Further Confusion when you leave the lot.

Further Confusion


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

EI: Jan. 26-31.
FC: Jan. 24-28.

Deuce: Happycat =^.^=

...Though I can't actually book my hotel room until I'm sure I'm actually going to EI this year. When to dooms in Doubletree generally sell out by?

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