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Morphicon 6: "Inner City Critters"
May 15-17th 2009
Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington in Columbus, Ohio
Guests of Honor: Joey-Poey and Bucktown Tiger

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January 2009 Newsletter
Morphicon 6: "Inner City Critters"
May 15-17th 2009
Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington in Columbus, Ohio
Guests of Honor: Joey-Poey and Bucktown Tiger
Guests of Honor
Joey is a graffiti writer, aerosol artist, and plies his trade with cans of spray paint. He grew up with an art teacher for a mother who “influenced him from the start”. He discovered the fandom in 2002 after his introduction into graffiti art in 2001. You can find his FA page at the link below.

Bucktown Tiger
Bucktown Tiger is a lyricist, keyboardist, and comedian who specializes in furry-themed hip-hop songs, voiceovers, and freestyles, as lead shop wrecker of Paw Recognize Paw Studios. He joined the fandom in 2005 and has been creating furry music ever since. You can find his FA page at the link below.
Preregistration, Deadline March 1st
Early registration is now available at . The early bird registration discount is available online for all registration levels. Registering online will still save you time and hassle as your badge will be printed and ready for you to pick up on Thursday night. The discount for early registration on almost every option is $10. Remember, Hypertrophes are only available through early registration!
T-Shirt Contest
As is our customary practice, we're offering a special award to the winner of our t-shirt contest. This year, it will be a full-fledged Patron membership to Morphicon 2009! All you have to do is submit a high-resolution line-art image to The deadline is January 31, 2009, so don't delay.
Submissions should be related to the theme, “Inner City Critters ". You may interpret the theme how ever you wish, but please limit submissions to all-audiences appropriate content. Even if you don't win, we'll put your submission into our conbook, so either way you'll get to see your work in print.
We're also interested in seeing original prose, poetry, and other artwork around the “Inner City Critters " theme, just for our conbook. If your work doesn't fit the t-shirt contest (because it's not artwork, or wouldn't look good on a shirt, or it’ss grayscale rather than line art) then you can submit it directly to publications staff for possible inclusion in the conbook.
Hotel Info
We will still be located at the same physical address at the Columbus-Worthington Holiday Inn 7007 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43085. Room block information and early booking rates are posted on the web site at This year a member of our registration staff is working at the hotel, and we will be taking room reservation codes to help ensure that the Morphicon rooms are blocked together as contiguously as possible. Giving out your reservation code is completely optional. If you’ve already registered and didn’t submit a code you can always e-mail them to If you do, please include your full legal name in the e-mail body.
If you’re interested in volunteering for the convention, we can definitely use your help! Gophers make the convention possible, and discounts are offered on next year’s registration for those that put in the time. If you’d like to donate your time, get in contact with our gopher wrangler at the following e-mail address
This year we’re pleased to continue to serve the Ferrets unlimited rescue service (now under their new name). They are based out of Cleveland, Ohio and have been operating since 1993 rescuing ferrets and other animals. Their old director, Jean Caputo-Lee, has stepped down, but they will have a table at Morphicon showcasing pictures of animals under the shelter’s care, and up for adoption. Every year we have a silent charity auction at the convention, if you’d like to donate an item to be auctioned off please send an e-mail to We will also be accepting items during the course of the convention.
To get the latest updates, look for ride/room shares, and join in discussions about Morphicon, please visit and join our mailing list, or livejournal community, at

See you next time!
-- Chaz, and the rest of Morphicon Staff --


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