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Morphicon 6 - March 2009 Newsletter

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March 2009 Newsletter
Morphicon 6: "Inner City Critters"
May 15-17th 2009
Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington in Columbus, Ohio
Guests of Honor: Joey-Poey and Bucktown Tiger
Preregistration Is Closed!

Thanks to everyone who pre-registered this year! You can still register online at this will save you having to wait in line when you get to the convention, but there is no longer a discount on registration.
Also registration for the Hypertrophe level is no longer available.

A big thank you goes out to all our Hypertrophes this year. They put out an extra large helping of stimulus to our convention with their generous donations. This year the list includes,
Harmless Gryphon
Ramseys T. Bull
Karo Hardskale
Bastian DuVane
T-Shirt Contest Winners Selected!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for the T-Shirt contest.
Our winner, receiving a Patron level membership for the weekend this year is,
Korth –
And our runner up, receiving a Sponsor level membership for the weekend is
Kitt Foxx –
If you have content you’d like to see published in the conbook (i.e. poetry, stories, advertisements, or grayscale artwork), submit it via email to
Hotel Info - *PRICE DROP*

Our rooms are “cheep cheep!”, so make sure you visit for more information on the hotel. Due to some renegotiation, Morphicon’s hotel room rates have been lowered to 95 dollars per night. Only a one dollar increase over last year’s room rates. Grabbing a few hotel room nights at the convention hotel is a great way to help out the con.
Updated Gophers Information!

Help prevent convention staff burnout! Show your support by volunteering your time as a Con Gopher! For every five hours of Gopher time, you get $10 off your next year’s admission fees. After 15 hours, if you could have your 2010 Morphicon basic membership for the weekend for Free! Wouldn’t that be cool? Just email Halfshell Hero at, or call him at 614-592-2289 for more information on how to participate. Have fun!

This year we’re pleased to continue to serve the Ferrets unlimited rescue service (now under their new name). They are based out of Cleveland, Ohio and have been operating since 1993 rescuing ferrets and other animals. Their old director, Jean Caputo-Lee, has stepped down, but they will have a table at Morphicon showcasing pictures of animals under the shelter’s care, and up for adoption. Every year we have a silent charity auction at the convention, if you’d like to donate an item to be auctioned off please send an e-mail to We will also be accepting items during the course of the convention.
Spectacle of Doom 2009

It's almost that time again! Time to get out there and break a leg--well, not literally! But the Morphicon Spectacle of Doom will be looking for YOU! If you've ever wanted to experience performing either as a live stage actor, a puppeteer, a voice actor just reading from a script from backstage, or even a stage ninja to help with any props we may need, then the Spectacle of Doom 2009 will be your chance to really shine like a brand new penny, being cleaned by an amazing product endorsed by Billy Mays. Anybody who would like to participate in this year's Spectacle of Doom need to dispatch a message to the Spectacle of Doom mailing list at Don't wait to RSVP for a spot in the show. After all, there wouldn't be much of a show without you, so support your local furry convention and give it your all. And above all, never let them see you sweat, unless the heat lamp is directly over your head where you can’t help but sweat bullets, but it won't be that bad. As such, you're in good hands with Morphicon this year, so let's see a lot of volunteers.

That web address once again for the Spectacle of Doom mailing list is:

Please do what you can to offer aid to the world of entertainment. No experience is needed, just RSVP, or catch me (Sonic Blu) Thursday and Friday at Morphicon and come to the rehearsal. You'll be glad that you did, and so will we. :)

The Preliminary Programming Schedule is up and available for viewing on Morphicon's Web Site! We are on track to have a Finalized Programming Schedule and Gaming Schedule by the end of March!
Masquerade 2.0

This year we are trying to make the masquerade and its glamorous awards more accessible to a wider range of fursuiters. If you have a fursuit but are not comfortable performing on stage, ham it up for our judges during the fursuit parade and be interactive with the audience. Awards will be given for the best hall performance.

We're also bringing back the judged masquerade stage performances for furs who want to show off their suit on stage. Acts should be under 2 minutes long and must be PG-rated. Awards will be given for the the best stage performance.

Participants in either the parade or stage judging will also be eligible for a wide range of awards based on class (Junior, Novice, Journeyman, Master). Possible awards include Best Use of the Con Theme, Best in Show, Most Creative, Best Design, Cutest, and whatever else our judges elect to give.
Anyfur interested in participating in either portion of the masquerade judging should come to the Masquerade Sign-up prior to the parade. Please consider participating in the masquerade this year either as a fursuiter or as a judge. If you have any questions or are interested in being a judge, please email the Masquerade Coordinator at

To get the latest updates, look for ride/room shares, and join in discussions about Morphicon, please visit and join our mailing list, or livejournal community, at

See you next time!
-- Chaz, and the rest of Morphicon Staff --


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