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Over Labor Day weekend, I:

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Went to MilPhilCon.
1% (1 vote)
Went to DragonCon.
2% (2 votes)
Went to Mephit FurMeet.
16% (17 votes)
Did family-stuff.
6% (7 votes)
Did the 'I don't have to work' happy dance.
15% (16 votes)
Did the 'Those Americans and their holidays' rant.
5% (5 votes)
Did some other thing not listed here.
29% (31 votes)
Did the Feren Dance.
27% (29 votes)
Votes: 108


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Aw, come on. Someone voted for 'something not listed here' and then didn't tell? Cruel and unusual punishment!

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Also in the "something not listed here" category, I lay in bed fighting one terrible illness and saw one of my roommates go to the hospital. I figured no one really wanted to know that, but since you asked...

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I spent the day in the hospital with my wife/mate while she got medical treatment.

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Sorry, I started to post something, then realized I was late for a meeting.

MierTam and I:

* Bought a new stereo system

* Spent more time together than we've had in months thanks to his schedule at the place that keeps laying people off except those who want out.

* Went on a 25 mile bike ride with three fur-friends (this is a big accomplishment since I recently fractured my shoulder and still have limited range of motion in one arm)

* Really enjoyed watching our new X-Men DVD with the new sound system rumbling the house.

There. That's my "something not listed"


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Hrm. I was in Ottawa due to work so I spent the long weekend checking out it's wild and crazy nightlife

There isn't any.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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I did the Feren Dance at Mephit Furmeet. Which category do I vote for?

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I was waiting for you to reply to this poll. You didn't disappoint me. :)

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Damn! I'll have to try harder next time.

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