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In 2002 I will attend this many conventions (furry, or SF):

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What about comic cons, or gaming cons? I know of a few furs who also go to those types of conventions.

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We go to Further Confusion because we can drive to it, and Confurence because it is so close we live close enough to not need to spend money on a hotel.

Anthrocon is the only convention we will spend money to fly to. Though to be fair, if wwe lived on the East coast we would be driving to Anthrocon and flying to FC instead. Those are the two major conventions these days.

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Jarlidium Press goes to Anthrocon, Further Confusion, and... well, that's it. We used to go to ConFurence, but sales were so poor that we just can not justify the travel expenses.

Of course we go to ConiFur NW, but I'm not sure that can be considered 'attending' when you run the darn thing. :)

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I usually try to attend the three West Coast Cons each year plus one East Coast one, add to that Baycon and Silicon, and this year Worldcon.

I'm not sure which East Coast con I will go to this year.

David Cooksey

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I would say that you should attend a Midwest con, but I'm slightly biased.

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The last three years we've attended Further Confusion, NorWesCon, SakuraCon, and ConiFur.

We haven't decided whether we're going to SakuraCon this year.

Next year the plan is to skip Further Confusion and attend Anthrocon. Just can't afford to go to both and we've never been to AC.

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hi - i'm still themnax/Zymphrumple op Cargh - i'll try to reestablish when you get that thing streightened out - anyway i can only afford one con a year - and this was the first year in a while i've even been able to do that - for me it was FurCon this year which is reasonably close by (110 miles or so) - it'll be furcon next year too - most fun i've had in - hmmm well let us say 'several' years ... ~;)

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Over the last year I've found myself thrown into mainstream Sci-Fi fandom in addition to furry fandom and am now not only the Chair of two conventions (ConFurence and CritterConDiego) but I am also on staff for ZonieCon, LosCon, Gallifrey-One, Conjecture (Dealer's Room Lead), La-la-Con, and was invited to join the Board of Directors (and accepted) for the WesterCon 2006 in San Diego bid committee.

Yeah... I'll be at a few cons this year.

...They'll probably wrangle me into working Con-Dor next year, too. My girlfriend Kris Bauer is on their staff this year, so it has a pretty high probability.

ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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I'd love to hear how Con-Dor works out. This year was my first year mailing art in to their show and I don't have any eyeballs at the convention to tell me what it's like (kind of people, atmosphere, etc). :)

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This was my first time going to FurCon.... which is quite a distance from the Cape Cod, MA area. Regardless, I'm seriously considering going there again next year. I had a ball!

That aside, Anthrocon is _MY_ con. I've been to every one since it was "Albany AnthroCon" in 1997. :) Best of all, it's within driving distance... it's about 300 miles from me, but it's still closer than, say, Mephit FurMeet or Midwest Fur Fest, for example.

I'll be at AC this year, as always.


- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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I will be going to FerenCon 2002 this year.

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