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On average, how many panels at a convention do you attend?

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None at all
26% (65 votes)
Just one or two
31% (78 votes)
3 to 5
28% (70 votes)
6 to 10
9% (24 votes)
11 to 15
2% (4 votes)
More than 16 - I just can''t get enough!
5% (12 votes)
Votes: 253


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I'm assuming Feral workshops count as panels for the purpose of this survey.

In past years I used to hide in the sewing workshops for most of the time. Changed that last year to make sure I had time to socialize and go canoeing, which was much fun. Still went to enough art workshops, though =^.^=.


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panels are why i go to cons, well one of the reasons anyway. although i like to see everybody else's fursuits and occasionaly run into furs i've met on line and so on. one of these years i'm going to sit in the doodler's room and doodle. last year i think i spent half the con catching up on anime i hadn't yet seen cause i don't have cable. ah, and of course the live critters too.

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Admittedly, I've only been to one convention, MFF 2005 . . . but the panels were generally pretty good. Of course, so were the special events, and when they were available I tended to go to them instead.

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Many furries use cons as an excuse to hang out with other furries for a weekend.

Some use it as an excuse to meet with other furries and have sex, because it's the only time of year they'll get it.

The only furries I know who actually attend events that don't feature porn or naked women are the oldskoolers who were around when con events still had substance.

And then there is 2, the ranting griffon. Everyone goes to his shows because he's ACTUALLY talented.

Not like that other guy who is just funny because he's an alcoholic.

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Actually, 2 is not that talented. He is halfway decent at presentation and uses other people's materials.

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