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Anthrocon is 'largest furry fan club', say Guinness World Records

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Anthrocon's fursuiters accompany the entry

The 2008 edition of Guinness World Records calls Anthrocon the "largest furry fan club" in the world.

The entry describes furry fandom as "a subculture which enjoys dressing up as animals." It makes reference to Richard Adams' Watership Down, and also mentions Anthrocon's charity auction, guests of honor, and the "furries parade."[1]

While the book's description of Anthrocon as a "club" may seem odd, it has merit; Anthrocon, Inc. is a 501(c)(7) recreational club which operates a convention for its members.

The entry is slightly out of date, as it uses the Anthrocon 2006 figure of 2489, while 2849 attended the 2007 convention. The accompanying photograph is from Tugrik's Anthrocon 2006 photoshoot.[2]

Reception to the news among the furry community has been generally positive, although some took exception to the positioning of the photograph below a table of "modern mass suicides."[3][4][5]

This may not be Anthrocon's last entry, as Camstone Fox is organizing an attempt for the largest number of mascots in a parade at Anthrocon 2008.[3]

Guinness World Records 2008 is sold at a recommended retail price of $28.95, but is available for less than $15 plus shipping.[6] Over the years, the book has moved from its original listings of facts to recording sensational activities. The latest edition is described in one review as "colorful" and "chock-full of photos."[7]


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