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Anthrocon wins 2008 "Missy" Award on ABC's Good Morning America

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On December 27, 2008, an episode of ABC's morning news show Good Morning America, Anthrocon was awarded the 2008 Missy Award for "Convention of the Year."

The Missy Awards are given out for the most unusual stories covered by Good Morning America throughout the year.

The convention was never referred in the show by name (in this case it was Anthrocon), instead describing it as a "furry convention in Pittsburgh," and showed some clips of when ABC News covered the event earlier in the year.

One quote that has drawn some quibbling[1] with some furs in that segment was when they described furries as:

" people who enjoy living, and loving, as stuffed animals "


  1. Anthrocon featured on Good Morning America's Missy awards thread on (retrieved Dec 29, 2008)



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