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Furtastic furmeet for Denmark in 2011

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Danish furs have a new event to look forward to in July next year - Furtastic, described by an organizer as a "really big furmeet" and "akin to [Canadian camp-out] Feral!"

The three-day event is to take place in a scouting lodge on the outskirts of Aalborg, in the north of Denmark. Storytelling, card games and outdoor activities are already on the agenda.

A separately-organized, hotel-based Danish convention - Eufuria - is to take place June 4-6 this year in Copenhagen.


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Ouch. That's in a pretty remote area of Denmark. (North Jutland)

For us foreigners from the USA, it would require a flight to Copenhagen and then a 6 hour train ride. Bumping right up against Eufuria and Anthrocon makes a bit of a challenge too. :-/

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Better save up for your retirement - attending furry conventions is now a full-time jet-setter's job!

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I just might... Alright, we'll see how it goes.

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