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Brazilian furry camping con grows 68% in third year

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Fauna Urbana reports [translation] on the third instance of Brazilian campout Abando, held last weekend near São Roque.

The event attracted 37 attendees — 15 more than last year, and close to the site limit of 40. Attendance cost 100 Reals (US$55), which covered the bus to and from São Paulo, four meals, workshop materials, prizes and gifts, including a t-shirt.

Many Camp Feral-style games were played, including a football match and traditional water balloon fight. The Hawaiian theme was enhanced with ambient lighting, music and tiki torches, as well as a limbo contest.

Ryan Wolf and Dusky

Community organizer Ekevoo returned from Canada for the event (bringing a copy of Munchkin), while an Argentine flag was hung to honour kindness shown to local artist Hwei Chow when he traveled there.

Brazil has been home to furs for ten years, but held its first event in 2008. Update: See photos from the event.


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