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Video: LondonFurs explain what furry is, isn't

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The LondonFurs are on display again, this time thanks to a video interview by Babelgum. [diegowolffox and balto_mike/furrymedia]


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A lovely way to show the fandom in it's pure form, not full of creeps trying to hump you when you turn your back... Just everyday folks having a good time with something they enjoy doing.

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Beats how that one girl tried to explain furries. Forgot her name.

Stay frosty, Z

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Guys, you DO realize that telling the public what we are NOT does exactly the opposite? Even in "finally someone who does NOT view us as SO AND SO" comments to the video :)

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Wow... this is awesome that they can just walk around the streets in London...
When can I move there :D cause it sucks in Oregon. There are no furry's nearby me.

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I'd rather just wear a patch of fur on my cheek. That way, other furries could recognize me, the average person might think it was cool or interesting, and furhaters (hopefully) wouldn't make the connection right away.

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The cheek thing could look a little weird . . .

I could see wearing a furry eye-patch, but it'd be a bit hard to see, and people might think you're a pirate. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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