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'Concession' to end; author tired of "convoluted" plot

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Immelmann has announced the imminent end of Ursa Major Award-winning comic Concession:

I will be curt: I’m tired of Concession.

I’m tired of the mess I’ve made of its plot. It’s very convoluted and, in the long-run, almost entirely nonsensical. I’m tired of the archives being as they are – not the art, I can get over that, but the plots involving pedophilia, rape… I now see them as tasteless and ultimately unwise. I’m tired of the complicated “plan” Joel has constructed. I’m tired of pretending that I’ve had all this as planned as it may look.

The author is planning a new comic featuring an all-furry, mostly-female cast. Concession characters may visit his unscripted comic Ballerina Mafia, as they did in At the Heart of it All.


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That made me sad when I read it. That's one of my favorite webcomics.

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I really do respect Immelmann's decision to put an end to the comic because he feels the time has come to. The pressure must be great to try to continue something that you've lost faith in after all the work that's been put into it. It's a hard decision to make.

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What?! <--- is the smartest thing I can say [...]

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