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Philadelphia Valentine burlesque show to feature 'furries'

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The topic of anthropomorphic animals is coming to the Walking Fish Theatre next month, as it shows "Kiss Me Furry" – a Valentine edition of Revival Burlesque. []

When the heir to the Yummy Pussy cat toy company fortune is kidnapped, her stepmother, Mrs. La Prix, hires a Private Jane to solve the mystery. One P.I. Martel and her boy Friday go undercover and infiltrate the secret nightclub, "The Fur Pile".

Explore the seedy underbelly of the world of ..."furries"?!?

The noir burlesque play – described as "like Hitchcock, but Grace Kelly is dead and there is more nudity" – was written by Max Guerin and is guest-directed by Madi Distefano (interview).

The show plays Friday 11th (8 & 10PM), Saturday 12th (8 & 10PM) and Monday 14th (8PM) at 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125. Tickets are $15 online, or $18 at the door.


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You mean February, right?

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Yes, "next month". I could probably have made that clearer. :-)

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Thank god it's only Broadway...


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Given some of the tradition of burlesque comedy to exaggerate and juxtapose, I would have expected something like this to happen at some point, regardless of the actual nature or perception of furries, even if squeaky clean.

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"the secret nightclub, "The Fur Pile" i doubt it will be clean

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I didn't mean the burlesque would be clean... it is burlesque after all. I meant that burlesque can take a perfectly clean subject and turn it dirty, for humour or other reasons. Even if in this case it is inspired by less clean views of furries, I would expect such eventually a burlesque would parody such things even in an alternative world where furries had zero connection to sex.

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Explore the seedy underbelly of the world of ..."furries"?!?

Seedy underbelly? Really? My hats off to the writer of that line. Furries, as far as sexual innuendo goes are probably the most robust, but that one put most furries to shame.

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lol furries are perverts, get over it furfags

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Come on man, really? Furfag? If your going to insult me, for the love of God, try harder. You would be surprised how insulting originality can be.

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Not 'perverts'...PROverts! Get it right man! We seem to be well in the world where we could teach you normals some things.

"You all laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at all of you because you are the same"...those are words to think about Anon. Try bieng unique and not just another of the SHEEPLE. :)


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Oh yeah, well I think we're some kind of deviated preverts. I think Anonymous found out about our preversion, and we're organizing some kind of fandom of preverts. ;)

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*ques the Jaws movie theme music* "dun dun dun dun dun dun....." :D

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Meh, just let it blow over without too much ranting and probably nothing will come of it... If we're lucky. :)

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perverts eh?seedy underbelly? hmm, i would suggest that whoever disses us go to their local Hot Topic where they will find that a piece of our culture has exploded upon mainstream gothic/teenage fashion. i just bought a tail from Hot Topic. i feel as if this broadway is comically insulting the fandom and stereotyping, generalizing and disparaging us not unlike a middle school bully. stand strong my furiends.

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I'm ain't scared of no drama nerd.

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Hot Topic =/= goth. It's just the annoying scene kids.
Believe or not but they're probably not trying to insult us. Like it or not, sex is a pretty big part of furry. It doesn't mean that every furry's a fetishist or anything, I sure as hell am not. But it's seriously not something you can deny, there's nothing wrong with pointing it out now and again :|

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Aren't those more for female anime fans who want to be catgirls?

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