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Animal Planet prepares for Puppy Bowl VII

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AnimalPlanet.pngIn addition to the Super Bowl, this coming Sunday sees the broadcast of the seventh annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Parodying the format of the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl consists of footage of a group of young (<4 months old) puppies at play with various toys in a model gridiron stadium, with video instant replays and a sports-commentator voiceover describing the action with football terminology. If a puppy drags one of the toys into the endzone, a "puppy touchdown" is declared, whilst penalties are issued on any dog relieving itself on-field.

Half-time entertainment of the Puppy Bowl consists of a group of kittens playing on the field with balls of wool and other cat toys.

The puppies featured in the Puppy Bowl are from animal shelters, and the show aims to help shelters by providing information on how viewers can adopt rescued puppies. Puppy Bowl airs on Animal Planet on February 6, 2011, at 3PM.


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American Football - so simple, even a pup can play! ;-)

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inb4 Insane Kangaroo tries to get this shut down, because he's that retarded.

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Sadly, it seems tragedy struck this year's event.

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