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Video: 'Out of Sight'

Edited as of Sat 16 Jul 2011 - 22:47
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The five-minute animation Out of Sight tells a touching story of Chico and her dog. [earthfur]

Read more: The making of Out of Sight


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The animation is still very well done and the implementation of symbolic blindness onto the viewer really helped protrey the world as she understands it through touch sound and smells. I liked it, thanks for sharing.

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I wonder is the girl is blind.

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Yes, hence the title - and the inability to notice the wall until she runs into it.

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Basically the whole cartoon is a reflection of how she 'sees' the world, using a stick as sort of a magical wand, when it taps into something it becomes visible. They do however do other things, the bakery scene shows her being able to identify the contents of the window by her sense of smell.

Also particular is the cat in the alley way that starts off as merely a ball, indicating she could hear something moving about, yet what it was was unknown to her. As soon as it let out a 'meow' the ball shifted to the form of a cat as she understood at that point what it was.

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Yes that what made the cartoon interesting.

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I thought the giant whale-liner was kinda cool too. :-D

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It's a really nice video but I'm not quite sure if it's furry news. There was just a tiny bit that had anthros and there was very little with even normal animals. Following your source I see it is a suggestion for an Ursa award, further making the award seem like it has nothing to do with furry, but the sections mentioned only account for 12 seconds (3.7%) of the whole video.

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While I was going to note that, it had a kangaroo in it so all was forgiven.


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It's for the "Recommended List," not an award.

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Also, there isn't always a lot of furry news; you gots to throw in some cute animals and/or general cartooning sometimes just so the page updates.

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