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'Dust: An Elysian Tail' to make 2012 Xbox Live Arcade debut

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DustDean Dodrill (Noogy) has announced on NeoGAF that his anticipated action-RPG Dust, which won Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play competition in 2009, is coming in 2012.

When a user said they were looking forward to the game's release, Dodrill replied:

Man, I have to play that every day.. Oh, wait, I mean it's great :) It's coming out in 2012, promise.

In Dust, the game's eponymous protagonist must "liberate an oppressed village, and rediscover his past" while wielding the ancient and powerful sword, Ahrah. The game is filled with anthropomorphic creatures, lavish, hand-painted, side-scrolling backgrounds and character animations, and music by Alex Brandon and HyperDuck SoundWorks. The price is yet to be announced.


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@GreenReeper Thanks for the cleanup. Anything you could point me to help with the layout?

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You should already have an email from me, but for the benefit of others: <img align=left/right> is your friend.

(In general, don't worry too much about it; I'm responsible for final layout, and I'll do what's necessary to make it work.)

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Thanks! just got the email too. :)

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Well, we always need new blood, anyway. Even if it's old blood that just decided to submit a story, I guess.

I can't figure out layout of paragraphs to save my soul; I kept wondering for months why Green Reaper kept breaking up my paragraphs for what I thought was arbitrary reasons. I realized there must be some reason, but I kept looking for a writing reason.

I think I finally realized it was for layout reasons accidentally; Green Reaper said something it in an offhand way that made it clear I was supposed to know about this stuff.

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To me, it is more of a reading issue. People tend to scan the first part of a paragraph, then skip it if they're not getting anything from it. This may cause them to miss useful information.

On occasion, I simply wish to make the paragraph break in a more attractive manner. I try to be sensible; there are places where a break would makes no sense.

I wouldn't expect you to be used to doing this if you've not been responsible for editing a publication (especially a web publication, where readers are especially impatient).

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Well, I slipped into editing sideways; I just wanted to write, darnit! I think you've got too much communications background for your own good; my more traditional, newsroom training balks at your newfangled Internet ways. I don't worry about paragraph reading; that's what God invented the inverted pyramid for, after all.

Pro-tip: If you don't know copy and paste keyboard shortcuts, however, God have mercy on your soul.

Also, I apologize in advance for the posters in the top ten list. Have fun with that.

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