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'Dust: An Elysian Tail' on sale this Sunday

Edited as of Sun 23 Dec 2012 - 05:06
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DustDean Dodrill's 2D animated platformer Dust: An Elysian Tail is set to go on sale tomorrow for Xbox 360 during Microsoft's countdown to 2013. The price is not known; prior sales have been 50% off. [christianblough/Iscin]

Dust, a winner of the 2009 Dream-Build-Play contest, has attracted mostly positive reviews since its Xbox Live Arcade debut earlier this year, and sells on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 XBL Points ($15). An unlockable trial is available, and Dust's soundtrack is also on sale (?3 with code crimbosale40).

Reviews: IGN, The Escapist, Joystiq, Destructoid

Update: The price of Dust has dropped to 600 XBP ($7.50) for the day, as expected.


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The schedule of the Xbox holiday sale have been leaked on Neogaf. It seems to be spot-on by far. (Tip:Kotaku) Don't know where the game websites get their schedule, though.

Also, is there a time when the soundtrack sale ends?

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I believe it is until Christmas Day. Five random sound-track purchasers will also get game codes.

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bah it looks like blade kitten.

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This game is now on Steam. It's great and well animated.

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