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Ted R. Blasingame's 'Sunset of Furmankind' now available

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'Sunset of Furmankind' by Ted R. Blasingame (September 2011) Ted R. Blasingame, creator and primary writer of the long-running Blue Horizon series has finished a three-year endeavor to write a new human/furman transformation tale called Sunset of Furmankind.

Completed in September 2011, this 510 page paperback is available through the author's Lulu Press bookstore, for ebook purchase from Lulu, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Books and in ePub and Kindle formats, and on the author's website to read chapter-by-chapter for free.

Follow one man's journey through psychological demons, pain and revelation through an unwanted transformation into the life of a beast destined to explore other worlds.

Convicted on the murder of a furman in a crime of passion, Brian Barrett is given an alternative sentencing to a violent capital punishment by volunteering for the Anthro-Human Colonization Program, where people are genetically altered to give them an edge in survival on new worlds opened for settlement to ease the crowding of Earth.

Surrounded by furmankind and harboring a deep prejudice against the abominations, he is forced into a new identity and reeducated with extrasolar colonization skills. He must then live with the knowledge that he will become one of them in an irreversible process that will end in a journey to another world where they will be his only companions. The long and painful transformation takes a physical and psychological toll that he must endure in order to survive.


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