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Video: 'Kickball', a student film by Dana Terrace

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Kickball, a student film by Dana Terrace at the School of Visual Arts, April 2012.


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Wow, didn't know people who played card games during recess could be such bullies, usually it's the other way around.

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[comment removed on request]

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Land Shark.

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I like the weight and timing in the animation, and the sketchiness of the background color. I'm not that into the character designs because the heads feel oddly proportioned to the bodies. The 1-spoken-line feels like a common student film thing to avoid- it's unnecessary and the same message could have been sent with acting, and it messes up a story with other characters who don't speak. All together it's a pretty good job for 1 person. She should send it to festivals.

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I really like the way this was done. The music really pulls this together. I liked the way the shark was able to scare off the bullies, even if by accident.

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