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April 2012 Newsbytes archive

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Just want to point out that, according to Equivamp, I might have won the Internet last month.

GreenReaper: [NSFW] has a new look resembling that of the Belfry Webcomics Index.

GreenReaper: Hey, so does FA - and EQD.

GreenReaper: Furry to Furry is now 20% cooler.

GreenReaper: The BBC enters Lybia’s rubbish-strewn pet markets, where vermin and rabbits destined for the pot meet endangered species.

Fred: ”Aw, isn’t it cute?” Dyed Easter chicks raise animal activists’ ire.

crossaffliction: Some local news: pigs all over the highway I take to work every day.

Fred: Paleontologists now think that “most” dinosaurs (well, some) were feathered, not scaly.

dronon: Big cats vs. Easter eggs.

GreenReaper: Mammoth spider eats bird. [Korth]

GreenReaper: Why furries watch ice-hockey.

GreenReaper: The latest FPS and FursuitTV episodes are now listed below, with podcasts.

GreenReaper: Ursula Vernon's Digger has been nominated for a Hugo (as Best Graphic Story).

dronon: A new trailer for the anime film The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. Also, yay Ursula! :-D

Higgs Raccoon: Professional model to wear badger costume during 26-mile marathon.

GreenReaper: Penguins fans get into the Anthrocon mood ahead of time by dressing up in bear costumes to scare the Philadelphia Flyers.

sonious: Adult Swim will be airing an episode of Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule with furry guests.

dronon: The largely forgotten late 80s Battle Beast toys may be re-released with new toys and a comic by IDW.

GreenReaper: Christchurch's Press: fur fetishists “just nature lovers” (no, it doesn't get better after the title).

Equivamp: TIL WikiFur is a "section" of Wikipedia.

GreenReaper: Yes; I'm not entirely sure they didn't just make it up - I'm having a hard time finding a New Zealand member of the Furry Writers' Guild . . .

Higgs Raccoon: Instead of animals with human characteristics, here are some humans with animal characteristics: "The weirdest mating habits of the animal kingdom, explained using humans".

Equivamp: Furry Fandom listed as number 9 on The 20 Most Odd and Disgusting Fetishes Sure to Turn You Off.

crossaffliction: Meanwhile, Curious Read? listed as number 20,571 on "2,289,675 Sites Ripping Off's List Style Without Understanding How's List Humor Works."

Equivamp: I think you just won the internet.

dronon: Buta is an anime production from Japan's 2011 "Young Animator Training Project". (Thanks RainyDayMissy/reddit!)

GreenReaper: The Press has published a new article - with names this time.

GreenReaper: The furry segment of Check It Out! is now available to TV subscribers with access to Adult Swim – as well as a psychedelic animal-based segment of Off the Air.

Higgs Raccoon: But will they have furry models?

Fred: Hot political debate: should Toto (the Cairn terrier) become the official dog of Kansas?

GreenReaper: Rock hyrax sings surprisingly syntactic songs.

GreenReaper: Climate change has mixed meanings for Antarctic penguin populations.

Fred: Feral coyotes expand their range to Atlanta, Georgia, taking pets as prey.

Equivamp: @Fred: I approve of the Cairn becoming our state dog. So cute.

Fred: Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown opposes law requiring Calif. Annual report on kangaroos in Australia.

Fred: A new YouTube sensation: watching a watchdog confront his mirror reflection for hours.

GreenReaper: Probably not the next furry fashion.

GreenReaper: Entry to the 2012 Cóyotl Awards has closed, with 51 nominees; two weeks earlier, officials released some interesting statistics.

GreenReaper: A Kickstarter project has been launched for The Book of Jade, a refresh of oriental expansion Jadeclaw for the new edition of furry fantasy RPG Ironclaw. [Tigbun]

GreenReaper: Dana Simpson has started a new comic, Heavenly Nostrils. [tip: Austin Dern]

Fred: NYC fines birdbath owners. This seeming bureaucracy has serious health implications.

Fred: It’s Spring, and the snakes are coming out.

GreenReaper: The Procession of the Species occurs May 27 in Olympia, Washington. No pets.

GreenReaper: Our Review of Creampie (NSFW) has been updated.

GreenReaper: Meerkat underdogs “best at problem-solving”.

GreenReaper: Scientists clone polyunsaturated sheep.

Higgs Raccoon: ”First ever” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artwork up for auction.

GreenReaper: Scottish “highland tiger” in battle for survival.

Fred: Another long-lost animal animal rediscovered and videotaped; the Dinagat cloud rat.

Higgs Raccoon: Book: Rascal Raccoon’s Raging Revenge! asks: What if Wile E. Coyote killed the Roadrunner?

GreenReaper: FA now has an ‘official’ beta site.

GreenReaper: Fred Patten was interviewed last month for Otaku in a Bottle.

GreenReaper: UK Paintball offers “fox hunt” package with a costumed 'fox', red bullets, and a bugle. [BoingBoing]

dronon: The teenage life of young kangaroos are protected by forcefields.



Your rating: None Average: 4 (3 votes)

After much consideration, I am entirely certain that you did. Congratulations.

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