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Komickrazi fursuits appear in heavy-metal music video

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Two fursuits, built by Temperance of Komickrazi Studios, have appeared in a music video for Australian heavy-metal band "DZ Deathrays". The video, for the song "Cops Capacity", depicts two anthropomorphic German Shepherds in police uniforms, abusing their authority.

Calgary-based costumer Temperance was contacted in mid-August and commissioned to build the 'two "Angry looking" German Shepherds who were going to get into lots of trouble'. Despite being given only a week to complete the task, Temperance was excited by the idea of her work appearing in a music video, and filled the order for the partial suits (handpaws, heads and tails), which were sent to the Hayes Brothers Studio in New York City for filming.


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I saw this band do a good live show supporting Trust a few months ago, good rocking out for a duo with only bass and drums. Death From Above 1979 must be a big influence. They seem to be good at cranking out videos that seem made on the fly with some interesting hook to them, like this one.

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saw this video and though. OH YEAH german shepherd cops this will be great. and then they turn out to be bad. is it so much to ask for them to be good and not give fellow furrys a bad name???

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