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January 2013 Newsbytes archive

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Last month’s contributors include crossaffliction, Equivamp, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, Kakurady, M'aiq the Liar, mwalimu, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

GreenReaper: AC rates go up tomorrow.

Fred: Thai prostitutes, Irish gangsters, Vietnamese diplomats, Chinese scientists, an American rodeo star and more kill protected African rhinoceroses.

Fred: Where are the pheasants?

crossaffliction: @ Fred: The OK Panhandle. Trust me.

RingtailedFox: Blind dog gets seeing-eye cat. [Yahoo! News]

Fred: Only good-mannered dogs may join this exclusive canine club.

Fred: Giant (45 feet high) rubber duck in Sydney Harbour .

crossaffliction: Star Fox; morally ambiguous hero or ... well, not so morally ambiguous hero? Whichever it is, one thing is for sure, his sidekicks kind of suck.

dronon: Mockup animation for a Neil Gaiman short story about a guardian cat.

GreenReaper: The former MiDFur board have picked a slate of ten convention names, which are now open for voting.

Kakurady: Some local news: Parliament Hill cat sanctuary to close as last stray adopted, after being a popular tourist attraction for 50 years. I miss the raccoons there already.

GreenReaper: Masquerade is offering critique of articles prior to submission, for any who are interested. [Login required to contact.]

Higgs Raccoon: again. This time, Bad Dragon is mentioned in an article on the 6 geekiest sex toys. (NSFW)

Fred: Golden eagle snatching infant video is phony - and Cartoon Brew has the news on who did it.

GreenReaper: Hope for three blind mice?

Rakuen Growlithe: Cats that look like pin up girls!

crossaffliction: This is why Kyell Gold doesn’t suck: he has a clear, easily recognizable genre definition, and a clear, easily recognizable goal with some idea how to attain it.

RingtailedFox: Warden got your tongue, kitty? Cat caught trying to sneak contraband into prison, a la Crystal the monkey in The Hangover: Part II.

GreenReaper: Wolves raid reindeer herds in Russia's largest, coldest republic.

Patch Packrat: When subcultures intersect- Totally radical: Catie Conry gets glittery with the Radical Faeries. "Crumbsnatcher strutted onto the stage accompanied by two guys in full animal costume. 'This guy is a furry,' the MC declared. 'Let me introduce Crumbsnatcher!'"

RingtailedFox: Kangaroo hops around Melbourne's airport.

RingtailedFox: Deer decides to enroll in Ohio school's classes.

GreenReaper: Unfortunately, it didn't live long enough to pay back its student debt.

dronon: Hotline Miami is a violent shooter game that sends your character on cold-blooded killing missions. You wear animal masks, and can gradually unlock more; each mask gives you a different bonus.

dronon: Other games of note, Owlboy (demo) is an exploration/action game; and Puppy Love, a dating game produced from within our fandom by Nai-chan.

crossaffliction: Oh, mother… Weasel Wordsmith scooped me!

Equivamp: The danger of anthropomorphizing real-life animals.

Fred: Previously unknown fatal (to raccoons only) brain-cancer-causing virus discovered in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

GreenReaper: Site update: Flayrah's Twitter cards will now show thumbnails for YouTube videos.

GreenReaper: South Georgia is going to cull reindeer. Maybe they could use them to feed the wolves in Russia?

Fred: Zambia bans hunting of lions, leopards.

Equivamp:Grandma, there is a PERFECTLY REASONABLE explanation why you found 'furries' in my search history!”

RingtailedFox: Trapped orcas escape icy deathtrap in Hudson Bay, Canada.

dronon: A short list of mainstream TV shows showing nerds in a bad light. We're not alone!

Equivamp: One of us: Ke$ha makes out with mascots in her new music video.

GreenReaper: Dish's furry mascot for the Hopper is its least-controversial feature.

Patch Packrat: More about Ke$ha and furries

crossaffliction: Your Academy Award for Best Picture nominees: Slavery Sucks: Serious Edition, Slavery Sucks: Fun Edition, @#$% Canada, The CGI of the Tiger is Grrrreat, ’I Dreamed a Dream’ is the Only Song You Know, Aren’t Poor Black People Quaint?, Hot Messes Find Love, Hastily Rewritten Ending and Love, Geriatrically. In the words of the great Fred Patten, “It’s not anthropomorphic. Sue me.”

GreenReaper: Some good focused coverage of fursuiting with Snap E. Tiger.

RingtailedFox: Belgian shepherd dog mutilated by Mexican drug cartels finds new home.

GreenReaper: Bulldozer getaway for German puppy-tosser.

Fred: A 1,000 acre breeding ground for lions, giraffes, antelopes, is set up near New Orleans.

Fred: Kung Fu Panda 3, Iron Man 3 censored while in production by Chinese government censors.

Fred: 4' video of newborn endangered Chukotka sandpiper chicks.

Higgs Raccoon: Sonic the Hedgehog fan-film debuts on YouTube.

RingtailedFox: In dog we trust - dog attends mass where its owner had their funeral.

RingtailedFox: Out of the frying pan and into the fire: mouse released into wild snatched up by hawk.

dronon: New game trailer with the tiger antagonist in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Fred: That happened to me when I was a child, except that it was a tomato hawk moth that I had raised from a tomato worm. When I released it, it flew halfway across our front yard when it was eaten on the wing by a mockingbird.

Higgs Raccoon: A friendly reminder: This coming Monday (January 21) is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

RingtailedFox: Canine Companion needs YOUR help!

dronon: Public service announcement: Catnip: Egress to oblivion?

Fred: Lost cat treks 200 miles back home.

dronon: Kickstarter for Inherit the Earth 2, along with a website!

crossaffliction: If you can name them all, you’re a nerd. *cough* I got 20. *cough* [Sethisto/EQD]

Higgs Raccoon: The late PandaGuy's fursuit has been reported missing.

Higgs Raccoon: ... and has now been returned.

Fred: Scottish SPCA has sharp rise in hedgehog rescues due to cold spell.

Patch Packrat: This Reddit thread has potential: Awkward situations with other furs.

Equivamp: Further Confusion vice-chairperson Corey Strom (Chairo) interviewed for

GreenReaper: Petition to recognize furries as protected group reaches 100 signatures. [tip: FizzOtter]

Fred: Yarst! The San Jose news coverage is all about how furry fandom is about fursuits, traditional artists, sculptors, performers, singers, musicians, gamers, dancers, and general fans. Not a word about literature or writers.

dronon: Another furry computer game seeking funding - (un)Lucky7 - this one has a trailer.

M’aiq the Liar:This one invites you to join the Aldmeri Dominion. Also, it is good the people wear clothing. M'aiq wears clothing. Who would want to see M'aiq naked? Sick, sick people. Very sad.

Fred: Florida's "Python Challenge 2013".

Rakuen Growlithe: A BBC article on how the web is changing human identities may be of interest to furs.

Rakuen Growlithe: Two-million-year-old fox skeleton found in South Africa.

Equivamp: The presidential inauguration was actually a furry convention in disguise.

Equivamp: Oh, hey, the Puppy Bowl is coming up.

GreenReaper: Ugg boots look like snack to hungry fox. [tip: Harmony Evans]

Fred: I read a news report some years ago about a Komodo dragon in a zoo who could not tell the difference between the live white rabbits that it was fed and the white tennis shoes that its keepers wore, and would try to eat both.

RingtailedFox: Flower-eating goat cleared of vandalism.

crossaffliction: @ Fred: That’s just what the Komodo dragons want you to believe. And while we’re on the topic of man-eating Komodo dragons, hey, guys, did you see Skyfall! You should see Skyfall … that gun thing makes sense in context, and this YouTube clip cuts out the best part of that scene (the out of nowhere Lion King reference).

Fred: Yes, I have seen Skyfall, and I recommend it even if it is not anthropomorphic. As I remember the old news article, it took two or three zookeepers to pry the Komodo dragon's jaws open from the white tennis shoe (and the foot inside it) that the dragon was trying to swallow.

Equivamp: Apparently, there's millions in the grilled-rat industry.

Equivamp: PETA protestors don the ugliest fursuit I have ever seen. And there's a bullet hole in its head. Or something.

Sonious: Request to bury dog who served in army next to human brother in arms denied.

GreenReaper: The Onion panelist asks "when will we humanimals finally get the recognition we deserve?"

dronon: The "Today's Top 10" show on Muchmusic (Canada's MTV) weighs in on music videos with animal costumes.

GreenReaper: Alas, no love for “Higher than the Stars”.

GreenReaper: Remember Kay Fedewa and her domesticated fox? did a feature. [tip: SkippyFox]

mwalimu: A Kotaku journalist who attended Further Confusion 2013 writes about her experience.

Fred: Mass escape in Limpopo! 15,000 crocodiles loose!

Fred: Dolphin trapped in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal.

Fred: Sonic the Hedgehog as a Warhammer 40K character. Sega has bought the bankrupt Warhammer maker.

GreenReaper: Cats are 'friendly neighborhood serial killers'.

GreenReaper: Rejection letters are written by badgers. [tip: Ryffnah]

GreenReaper: Apologies for the downtime; someone decided to send us 728MBps of traffic for the weekend.

RingtailedFox: Two puppies, saved by a... king cobra???

mwalimu: Kyell Gold voluntarily withdraws himself from the Ursa Major Awards Best Novel and Best Short Story categories (at least for now) in order to allow other authors receive this honor.

Higgs Raccoon: Enter the Raccoon - "Charting the highs and lows of a torrid love affair between a woman and a human-sized speaking raccoon with a mechanical hand".

Higgs Raccoon: Britain's Got Talent 2013:
Dancing raccoon doesn't impress Simon Cowell.

RingtailedFox: On the other hand, a murring, tail-wagging fox impresses its human friends.

crossaffliction: linked a recent article to Flayrah. We were just a source, not the target of scorn (and it’s bronies, not furries, that got that).

crossaffliction: Nintendo announces that they will be announcing Super Smash Bros. 4 (and 5 … ish) at E3.

Equivamp: Rodents in Kansas have a serious weed problem.

Equivamp: Rugby tix and a date for anyone willing to wear an animal costume.

Equivamp: Flies are going vegan.

Fred: Housecats are deadlier than most people think.

GreenReaper: Mixing Duck Hunt with steampunk: duck shot through head with crossbow.

dronon: The Kia Hamsters are back. Wait for it - and you might have to turn the volume down.

GreenReaper: Forget dash-hangers, try a dash-seal. [tip: Featherwing]

RingtailedFox: Oh deer! Indiana officer and wife are in trouble for saving a deer!

GreenReaper: FA institutes one-at-a-time upload-for-sale policy. [DFB]

Ringtailed Fox: Brazilian turtle survives 30 years in a utility closet!

Equivamp: The cutest blood-thirsty mass-murderers you'll ever see.



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