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June 2013 Newsbytes archive

Edited by GreenReaper
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Contributors this month include Bob Guthrie, crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, oldhans117, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

RingtailedFox: Oppai Parrot Style!

GreenReaper: Police dog holding out for really big pension bone.

GreenReaper: Watership Down animated prologue remade in stop-motion. [tip: electricfoxx]

RingtailedFox: Tale Spin Vol. 3 to be released soon?

GreenReaper: Furlandia update: True Life casting director @AlexShawTV responds.

Bob Guthrie: Protesting British National Party and the English Defence League members were chased off down London's Whitehall by a cete of badger-suited femmes during political protests Saturday.

Green Reaper: 'Oldest primate' ate bugs by day, climbed and leaped through trees with monkey-like feet, fossil suggests.

GreenReaper: All on board for Furry Cruise 2013!

GreenReaper: Why yes, those prairie dogs *were* talking about you - and they're calling you fat. [tip: coyoty]

GreenReaper: How the chicken lost its cock.

Higgs Raccoon: Giant pink slugs and cannibal snails in New South Wales, Australia.

RingtailedFox: Dogs hit with tear gas in Turkey.

RingtailedFox: Boy reunited with his dog after Moore tornado.

crossaffliction: Here’s something you don’t see every year: an Oscar pundit talking about Best Animated Short in June.

GreenReaper: Remember SheezyArt? It's down for a revamp. According to FB, art will be preserved.

GreenReaper: The Canadian government just gave $75,000 to the Anthropomorphic Research Project to study furries.

GreenReaper: It's not just bats who can use echolocation - we do it, too.

GreenReaper: Newsbytes: now on Facebook.

GreenReaper: Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai reports on his wife's health issues from an inoperable tumor. [via StrRedWolf and Mel White]

GreenReaper: A velvet fursuit for your car.

GreenReaper: For Russian fans: Flayrah is now on VK. #?????

Patch Packrat: Some local merchants of Pittsburgh requested an Anthrocon shirt design to celebrate the city and the con, only for sale to the public outside of the con.

GreenReaper: NSA using furry characters to recruit young code makers, breakers. [wild-lion]

GreenReaper: Don't miss the CryptoKids®'s detailed biographies.

Fred: The Pittsburgh-Anthrocon T-shirt seems like the sort of thing that is worth a whole story; not just a Newsbyte.

Patch Packrat: @Fred: perhaps I will walk around and interview a few merchants at AC next month, and ask who's buying shirts. :)

GreenReaper: Dog disease puts tigers at risk.

GreenReaper: See Google's front page for an animation of Maurice Sendak's characters, including those from Where the Wild Things Are.

GreenReaper: Houston furs: FBI is looking for a "teddy bear bandit".

earthfurst: San Francisco appeals court ordered that Andres Martinez, a California prisoner, should receive the book of werewolf erotica that he had mail-ordered, but had not received because prison authorities had confiscated it.

Patch Packrat: National Geographic investigates "the furry subculture" in “Extreme Anthropomorphism: Boomer the Dog”.

RingtailedFox: Lions and other exotic animals rescued in Thailand.

GreenReaper: Everyone has catsuits in Super Mario 3D World. [Der Verrückte Fuchs]

crossaffliction: So how’s SSB4/5 doing for furries? So far, we’ve got the one human character from Animal Crossing.

GreenReaper: Renowned ornithologist secretly wanted to be a bird.

GreenReaper: Could you, would you, eat a guinea pig?

GreenReaper: Digger omnibus Kickstarter opens, hits $40,000 of $30,000 goal in one day.

Higgs Raccoon: treats us to The Adventures of Superpup, a 1958 canid version of Superman which never made it past the pilot episode.

crossaffliction: E3 update: Ride your Pokémons. Wait. Not like that. Get you mind out of the gutter, you horny weirdos.

crossaffliction: And while we’re on the subject of Nintendo’s E3 revelations, if Krystal isn’t in SSB Wii-U, after this crap … well, I guess I can stop saving up for a Wii-U.

crossaffliction:Other online sources.“ EQD reveals bronies are going to pirate the crap out of MLP:EG.

GreenReaper: 'Fandom-centric' book club Bookmarfs! launches with Octavia Butler's Fledgling.

GreenReaper: What do cats get up to outdoors? The BBC follows along with GPS and video collars.

GreenReaper: Gay furs a target market for SF Mini.

GreenReaper: Positively-charged 'non-stick' myoglobin key to lengthy marine mammal dive times.

Fred: has a furry novelette about a slime mold who works at Wal-Mart and has a pet human.

crossaffliction: I’m in agreeance with In Contention’s Guy Lodge; the Best Animated Feature race hasn’t started yet.

crossaffliction: You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to dye a Fox’s hair red.

Rakuen Growlithe: It seems like Flayrah is getting a lot more bots than usual lately.

GreenReaper: On average we get one spam attempt every five minutes, not counting those blocked by CloudFlare. We have many filters!

Fred: A study shows that cheetahs' success is due more to quick turns, starts and stops than top speed.

oldhans117: Taxidermic animals spring to life in Times Square.

crossaffliction: HitFix runs a list of great self-referential movies, inspired by This Is the End (and by the way, see that movie); furry movies take two spots, and the only three movies I didn’t love listed were the three I haven’t seen yet.

crossaffliction: Cracked takes on lawsuit urban legends, including one about Disney costumes.

RingtailedFox: Four dogs from Beirut, Lebanon find new homes in Windsor, Ontario.

GreenReaper: Regular contributors may now mark comments as spam. Please only do this for actual spam. :-)

crossaffliction: Well, this is awkward.

crossaffliction: Wow, Reddit, way to be on the ball.

RingtailedFox: Ottawa residents deport squirrels to Quebec.

dronon: Kim Thompson, who published Fantagraphics' Critters, a 1980s funny-animal comics anthology, has passed away.

GreenReaper: LIFE remembers Rosie the Bear.

GreenReaper: Timothy C. McCormick - A Retrospective; interviews with friends of Lemonade Coyote (by @CurtPehrson).

Fred: Naked mole rats can't get cancer.

Fred: The male spiders that always drop dead from having sex.

Fred: Kick a dog -- especially a police dog in the presence of his handler -- go to jail.

Fred: Mutant silkworms spin fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark silk.

Fred: The use of live slime molds as computer hardware.

Fred: You thought the Venus flytrap was large? Sheep-eating plant to bloom in captivity in England.

Higgs Raccoon: advises us on "15 Sources for Anthropomorphic Animal Art".

GreenReaper: The plague of criminal costumers is spreading. (Perhaps we need a caped crusader?)

dronon: Venture Libre, the season 5, episode 2 of Venture Bros. includes an anthro-cheetah.

Fred: Beijing police arrest all "large and vicious" suspects: collies, golden retrievers, labradors, any large dogs.

crossaffliction: You know Rainbow Dash is a girl, right, Russians?

GreenReaper: Newborn giant panda twins not actually that giant.

Fred: And the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest is ...

Patch Packrat: 3D printing project intends to create an animatronic owl, to use as a lure to help wildlife researchers.

Fred: Rusty the "lost" red panda is found via Twitter.

Fred: Cincinatti had a run like the Boston Marathon in March, only with all the runners wearing gorilla suits; and nobody mentioned it here?

GreenReaper: Well, zoomorphic humans are not anthropomorphic animals - if they'd done it because they thought they were gorillas, though…

Sonious: Anthrocon's fursuit photo shoot will have extra restrictions this year for Guinness Record purposes.

RingtailedFox: Fan-made Super Smash Bros. music video.

Fred: U.S. to begin retiring most research chimpanzees.

Fred: Wired: ”The best superhero comic of the year is about a crime-fighting dog who loves pizza.”

Fred: Pets cause $3 billion in annual electronics damage.

RingtailedFox: Lucky ducky gets rubber foot -- Now it's part rubber duck!

Fred: Awww! Cute baby sea otter is doomed to die.

crossaffliction: I can name every single one of these ponies.

crossaffliction: Pixar: No more sequels. Kinda.

GreenReaper: Three snow leopards sighted in one spot.

dronon: The San Diego Zoo... video... I... have no words.

GreenReaper: San Francisco Zoo holds the record for the best unintentionally-furry zoo ad.

GreenReaper: Could you, would you, eat a roo?

Fred: The pink dog in sneakers has been stolen.

Patch Packrat: Flayrah reaaaally sucks to browse on mobile.

GreenReaper: Perhaps you should upgrade to a phablet! Or use Opera's fixed-width view.

GreenReaper: #AC2013 charity auction to feature 30-inch badge for '1,000,000th fursuiter'.

GreenReaper: Going to #AC2013? Don't miss the 2012 Ursa Majors - we hope to win Best Magazine again! (Pennsylvania, Fri. 6-8PM)



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