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Conifur Northwest raises $1550 for ferrets

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On Saturday, November 3rd, Conifur Northwest presented a check for $1550 to the
Washington State Ferret Rescue and Shelter. $1374 of that was raised at the
Conifur Northwest 2001 Charity Auction, and the remainder came from direct donations from members and the convention.
Thanks to everyone who donated via the Charity Auction, directly, or the donation jar on the WSFRS's table (which is in addition to the $1550), a number of ferrets will be living longer, happier, healthier lives after undergoing much-needed but expensive veterinary procedures.

The WSFRS will be returning for Conifur Northwest 2002, and we hope to be able to support them even more next year!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

That should make everyone who's a ferret-owner and those who love ferrets crack a smile ten miles wide! :) ..even though I don't own one, it just touches the hearts of those who love the sleek little mustelids.

The wallaroo turns and bounds away into the darkness.

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