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November 2013 Newsbytes archive

Edited by GreenReaper
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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, Fred, Green Reaper, Higgs Raccoon, mwalimu, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Echoes of decades-old cull haunts elephant society to this day.

Higgs Raccoon: The twenty pound carp with its sights set on council elections in Ann Arbor.

Rakuen Growlithe: If you go down to the woods today, you're sure to find cats in China.

crossaffliction: Her story isn’t quite as heartwarming as Christian’s, but Sirga’s may be more important.

GreenReaper: Photographer Klaus Pichler captures costumers at home. [Daily Mail]

GreenReaper: Gunshot-wounded sea otter treated by Vancouver Aquarium staff is doing well. [tip: Brian Pickett]

GreenReaper: Fursuiters make an appearance on Hardcore Pawn. [skippyfox]

GreenReaper: Storage Wars only managed to get fakers in rental store costumes. [chipfoxx]

dronon: Tiger cub vs. "tiger cub". (Winner: safety glass.)

Higgs Raccoon: The Bear & The Hare: the 2013 Christmas ad for the UK's John Lewis department stores.

crossaffliction:If your story is ‘how hard is it to be gay when society wants you to be straight, and also you’re a fox,’ well.

crossaffliction: Also, two apologies: one for bringing up C&Q #1 after it’s been out so long, and one to Gold for using Kyell Gold as an example for a problem he is clearly not a part of.

Fred: Readers of the Metamor Keep website will appreciate this.

Fred: Tortoise gets Lego-leg prosthetic.

crossaffliction: Lots of furry stuff on Cracked’s 5 Most Ridiculous Attempts to Censor Popular Cartoons but the Hays Code versus cows at number 1 is pretty wild.

Fred: Sergeant Elephant's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Fred: 4 to 6 million year old fossil indicates that big cats evolved in Central Asia.

Fred: The Japanese obsession with Peter Rabbit.

Fred: Rupee, abandoned Indian puppy, climbs Mt. Everest.

crossaffliction: Wes Anderson, director of Fantastic Mr. Fox, has an idea for another animated movie but worries it is becoming “increasingly violent”. Oh, go for it, Wes!

Rakuen Growlithe: Will dogs make American schools safer?

crossaffliciton: The Philadelphia Eagles are teaming with Marvel to share their mascot’s origin story. No, really.

GreenReaper: I find the assertion of improved eyesight as a mascot highly dubious . . .

RingtailedFox: The World Society for the Protection of Animals Needs your help! Animals have been injured and rendered homeless from Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Sonious: Apparently, furries are a bane on the Millenial generation, according to The Texican column.

GreenReaper: I read that as a critique of drug-addicted posers. It's OK to dress up if you're a real furry. ;-)

GreenReaper: Another student reporter finds fursuiters make an excellent one-page feature.

dronon: Do foxes and humans share concepts of beauty in common? (Well... it's the Daily Mail.)

dronon: Kickstarter for a 3D action platformer game: Lobodestroyo.

Higgs Raccoon: The UK's Electrical Safety Council gets its message across with ... exploding chipmunks.

dronon: Why have an annoying singing fish, when you can spend over $5000 for an annoying singing reindeer?

dronon: Behind the Mask is a documentary series on Hulu about sports mascots.

GreenReaper: The Spanish man, "friends" with wolves, who lived 12 years in the wild.

Sonious: PBS explains why the "No Animals were harmed" disclaimer may not be meaningful.

Higgs Raccoon: Colin Firth to voice Paddington the bear in the movie due to appear around Christmas next year.

Fred: Siberian restaurant charges to pet its cats.

Fred: French five-legged sheep for sale.

Fred: Wild boars rampage through Genoa.

Fred: Wild turkeys terrorize Staten Island.

Fred: The website of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics has three anthropomorphized mascots; a polar bear, a winter hare, and a snow leopard. Russian President Putin likes the snow leopard best.

GreenReaper: WoWShuffle's costume battle includes several anthro animals, and at least two fursuits. Can you spot them? [Myknaki]

GreenReaper: Looking for a unique character? Try these bugs from Burma.

GreenReaper: Cougar's untimely death highlights need for wildlife management reform, says Chicago Tribune.

Higgs Raccoon: Supporters of soccer team Scunthorpe United are kindly requested "not to dress as squirrels" this weekend.

dronon: Wolfire's Overgrowth game continues its development. Video update here.

dronon: From the BBC, animal odd couples.

mwalimu: FurFright is no more.

Rakuen Growlithe: South African fighting to keep three zebra living on his property.



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