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July 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe and RingtailedFox.

earthfurst Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes) did illustrations for 3 strips of Pearls Before Swine in early June.

Fred: Brazil dresses dogs up for the World Cup. Small dogs only?

Patch Packrat: Making a successful Furry float for San Francisco Pride 2014.

Fred: Is the Borneo vampire squirrel really that adorable?

Fred: The echidna is weirder than you think, besides having really big fleas.

Fred: The Declaration of Independence might not have been approved on July 4th if not for horseflies.

dronon: Steven Spielberg abandoned making an animated film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats musical. Too bad, because the development art looked great!

Fred: Swarms of vampire finches. Run away!

crossaffliction: Yes.

Fred:Six-eyed spider stalks Moravia.”

dronon: Not furry, but somewhat cartoon-related - this December there'll be a documentary about voice acting and the people behind it: I Know That Voice!

dronon: The English dub of Ernest & Celestine is now available on DVD.

Fred: All about Baghi: The Monster of Mighty Nature.

dronon: The tufted ground squirrel in Borneo has the bushiest tail relative to its body size.

Patch Packrat: Furry news of the week: Pittsburgh’s official “Anthrocon Day” (7-5-14).

Fred: The French building that imitates an armadillo -- but it's not anthropomorphic.

Fred: Police officer shoots aggressive tortoise; claims it broke into his house and attacked him.

dronon: And so the merchandising begins: Rocket Raccoon mask.

RingtailedFox: Wayne County bomb-sniffing dog put to rest after valiant struggle with congenital disease.

crossaffliction: And you thought the Guardians of the Galaxy were obscure. Director James Gunn originally came to Marvel pitching a different furry character: Hit Monkey.

dronon: Chinese animated film due in 2016 looks really interesting, even if the furry content turns out to be incidental: Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms.

Patch Packrat: Enough squeaker abuse - let’s upgrade fursuit sound effects.

Fred: Why the ancient Egyptians worshipped dung beetles.

Fred: Prescient dog predicts mortar attacks half an hour before they happen.

InkyCrow: The 1963 French crime caper movie Judex has recently been restored and released on Blu-Ray/DVD. It's notable for this lengthy scene of avian fursuiters.

RingtailedFox: The Fox and the Hound: Tail-less Edition?

GreenReaper: Google+ finally lifted its restriction on pseudonyms. Expect to see Yiffy Sparkledog in your circles soon.

Fred: 67 giant snails seized at Los Angeles International Airport.

crossaffliction: USA network’s Psych may feature a furry character. I mean, the character is a furry fan, not anthro animal. Just click the link.

dronon: Inherit the Earth 2 returns to Kickstarter!

GreenReaper: Two wings good, four wings better? (Apparently gliding micro-raptors were a thing back in the Cretaceous.)

GreenReaper: It's a shark-eat-lion world down under.

Patch Packrat: Furry news of the week: fursuiters in flight (7-18-14).

crossaffliction: These Jägermeister ads are nice. [tip: The Newsbyte above this one].

crossaffliction: While noting weird comic books trends Cracked notes how the Pet Avengers actually were way more effective than the actual Avengers against movie villain Thanos.

Rakuen Growlithe: Somehow knotting in fiction is discussed without mentioning the furry fandom.

GreenReaper: Slow, but steady: conservation efforts to save grey slender loris in Sri Lanka.

Fred: Giant (59 feet tall) rubber duck swept away in flood.

GreenReaper: Any furry marine engineers out there? Your next commission could be a feast at an offshore wind farm.

dronon: The short-lived 1983 TV show Manimal is being considered to be made into an action-comedy film.

dronon: Supercats! A supercut of cats in movies.

dronon: A 2010 comics anthology with lots of animal characters: Trickster: Native American Tales.

Fred: A really concise history of were-animals.

Fred: Too many mayflies in Wisconsin.

GreenReaper: Albertans deracinate beavers to create pond; comment section replete with tirades against foreign workers.

Rakuen Growlithe Sad to see Flayrah has removed a story and left no mention of it. I don't think that's good journalism. Should at least be a place holder and explanation.

GreenReaper: Your dog is jealous of your favourite plushie - at least, if it's another dog.

Fred: Scientists now say "all dinosaurs were covered with feathers" – or fur?

GreenReaper: The impact of climate change on fur seals: less ice means less tasty krill.

GreenReaper: A brief timeline of cosplay.

Fred: The satanic leaf-tailed gecko will never be mistaken for the GEICO gecko.

earthfurst: Cool Cat Saves the Kids an anti-bullying & gun-safety film that you apparently have to buy before you can watch. (IMDB link.)

Fred: Timberwolf the koala's wild ride.

Fred: Hong Kong buses for dogs - sunglasses not required.

Fred: Animals that create art.

Fred: Octopuses (octopi?) can carry grudges.

Patch Packrat: Furry news of the week: Pseudo-furries past and future (7-28-14).

Patch Packrat: Art of Animal Character Design book debut at San Diego Comic Con.

Fred: The women who turn into seals.

Green Reaper: Nominations close August 8 for the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas.

Fred: Invisible Rabbit Studios, a six-year-old animation producer in Mumbai, India.



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