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December 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe and Ringtailed Fox.

Fred: Eight new spider species discovered; some cute.

Patch Packrat: Furry Writers Guild posts alert about alleged fraud scheme targeting fans of The Last Unicorn, by Peter Beagle, guest of honor at Anthrocon and Eurofurence.

Patch Packrat: Dawgtown and The Saga of Rex: updates for standard-bearing indie animation.

Patch Packrat: Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes: Fred Patten’s review of Arthur C. Clarke Award winning SF book.

Fred: What's to know about wombats.

Fred: Court rules that no, chimpanzees are not people.

Fred: At least 20,000 species of bees. Know 'em all.

Patch Packrat: Hazmat party foul, $3 million fursuit, parades, hugs, tickling… Newsdump (12/7/14).

Ringtailed Fox: Family saves unborn shark pups in Georgia.

Equivamp: "The 11 most influential animals of 2014".

Fred: Really weird-looking insects that are not photoshopped.

Ringtailed Fox: Lab-Doberman mix and her two puppies saved from a cold fate in Sandy Lake, Ontario.

Fred: An 1805 book explaining the Learned Pig.

GreenReaper: Furries finally made The Onion. [Freaky Lynx]

Patch Packrat: Animation from India: a critical look for furry fans – by Fred Patten.

Patch Packrat: De Cape et De Crocs is back! French anthro comic review, by Fred Patten.

Patch Packrat: More coverage of San Francisco photo gallery show opening, “Furries & Despair”.

Patch Packrat: “All the Single Furries” parody fursuit video provokes special awe.

Fred: Giant salamanders are devoted dads.

Fred: A giant vacuum cleaner for humanely catching prairie dogs.

Fred: The Mexican mole lizard doesn't find ice cream in the desert.

dronon: New (formerly mis-identified) carnivorous mammal species discovered in South America! The olinguito, no longer to be confused with the olingo. Duh.

Fred: Now let's see how long it takes for anthro olinguitos to show up in furry fiction.

Patch Packrat: Everyone knows the FurFest chlorine story – but did you see Tommy Bruce’s documentary blog?

Fred: Really interesting insects!

Fred: Millions of wild pigs loose in U.S., especially Louisiana.

Fred: Donkey protest in Nairobi.

Fred: More than 1,000 mice illegally released in China.

mwalimu: Norman Bridwell, author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series of childrens books, dies at age 86.

GreenReaper: Furries? There's "nothing to be afraid of", say furries to the Huffington Post.

GreenReaper: Gray wolf hunting illegal in the Upper Midwest USA after all. [Rabs Whitetail]

Rakuen Growlithe: 3D printing legs for a disabled dog.

GreenReaper: Argentinian court grants orangutan basic rights as a "non-human person".

GreenReaper: Funding site Patreon announces new guidelines: nudity, but no porn; no cash for content distribution.

Patch Packrat: Week at Dogpatch Press: Five 2015 furry features, and Dinoverse book reviews by Fred Patten. “Alpha Chow”- Adult Swim’s furry parody with comments from fursuit actor. Furry Merry Christmas Newsdump.

GreenReaper: A photographer visits wild Arctic wolves living on Canada's Ellesmere Island.

InkyCrow: Watch a trippy animated collection of furry characters in Julian Gallese's "Menagerie".



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