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Newsbytes archive for April 2015

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu, Patch Packrat and Rakuen Growlithe.

mwalimu: Furry group in Burlington, VT, runs into issues with local authorities.

crossaffliction: Mewtwo will be available April 28, and further downloadable characters have been verified (though, once again, not Krystal). [Sonious]

crossaffliction: Could you guys do me a solid and spam the $@#* out of Krystal?

GreenReaper: Furcadia to celebrate with Saturday of streams & events after meeting $250k goal for 'Second Dreaming' funding.

earthfurst: #crowdfunding at #indiegogo so @AnimalTshirts can print their own animal & #furry t-shirts, ends May 5 & 12% funded. In-Fur-Nation has a nice piece.

crossaffliction: Ponies and politics: A bit to the right, a little to the left.

Patch Packrat: Exclusive stuff at Dogpatch Press: ColleHumor is doing Furry Force 3! Return of the Wild Things fetish party in San Francisco. Newsdumps, Fred Patten reviews, and much more.

Rakuen Growlithe: Join the revolution with Alpha Chow.

GreenReaper: Looking for a new species? You could do worse than the white-cheeked macaque, recently recognized in Tibet.

GreenReaper: CollegeHumor's Furry Force touts its Ursa Major Award nomination.

Fred: Hollywood Hills mountain lion takes up residence in Griffith Park home's crawl space.

GreenReaper: Furry crowdfunding review site FurStarter recently revamped - if you like what you see, follow along at @FurStarter.

GreenReaper: For more resources of furry interest, check out our refreshed links page - you're bound to find something!

dronon: Hosoda Mamoru's upcoming anime film is called The Boy and the Beast (trailer at end of article).

GreenReaper: Ever wondered what happens at the DLCC when Anthrocon isn't on? Meet its Japanese-culture counterpart, @Tekkoshocon.

mwalimu: USA Today reports on the growing community of ‘furries’ finding acceptance on campus.

dronon: Is The Rock an Animorph?

Fred: Zebras, a raccoon and honeybees on the loose.

crossaffliction: Suck it up, Buttercup: The Internet’s other cartoon animal fandom is DDoSed. Furries call that Tuesday.

InkyCrow: A fox and rabbit experience two different eternities in the afterlife in “The Tannery”.

crossaffliction: Equestria Daily links to a porno mag.

Fred:"L.A. crawls with up to 3 million feral cats.”

GreenReaper: New York court issues habeas corpus writ for chimpanzees - legal formality, or first step towards "personhood"?

GreenReaper: Forget frogs' legs - in central Nigeria, they eat the whole frog.

GreenReaper: Flayrah's newsbytes are now easier to keep up with - just use the linked feed with your preferred news aggregator.

GreenReaper: Newsbytes - along with other Flayrah content - are also available via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

GreenReaper: Fiction asks the question: if a lion could talk, would we understand him? [via @matrioshkadog, @Huskyteer]

GreenReaper: The BBC has a clip of their radio show on anthropomorphism, including several furry interviews; full broadcast in 26 hours.

GreenReaper: Could lynx keep UK's deer in check?

Patch Packrat: Fox News - What the stories of Reynard tell us about ourselves.

Patch Packrat: Recently at Dogpatch Press: I got interviewed by Splitsider magazine. What The Fluff!? Fur dance. 5 book reviews and French anthro features article from Fred Patten. Get a furry number from Google Voice. Newsdumps, and more.

GreenReaper: Canny fox assembles quintuple-decker sandwich in Chernobyl exclusion zone.



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