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Disney to produce new 'Lion King' direct-to-TV movie in November

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Whoa; we didn’t see this one coming -- so soon, anyway. Multiple sources (; Animation Scoop;; Variety; etc.) announced yesterday that the Disney Channel will present a brand-new Lion King direct-to-TV short movie in November: The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. The movie will be a prelude to a new The Lion Guard TV series that the Disney Channel will present in early 2016.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar will be about the adult Simba and Nala’s juvenile son Kion, and his forming a new Lion Guard team – traditionally the pride’s bravest adult lions, to police the African savannah – with his own juvenile friends: Bunga, a honey badger; Ono, an egret; Fuli, a cheetah; and Beshte, a hippo. Their adversaries will include the juvenile sons of the evil hyenas in The Lion King; from the teaser, it’s obvious that the crazy hyena Ed has a son.

Further details are in the articles. More will be presented at Disney’s D23 expo in Anaheim on August 16.

Update 10/15: A new trailer has revealed the date will specifically be Sunday, Nov. 22.


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There are just so many comments about cutie marks on YouTube's page; just so so many.

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Also, that's supposed to be a honey badger? This is what a honey badger next to a lion looks like.

I thought it was a porcupine ...

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"Today" was yesterday, August 12. Thanks, crossie, for posting this after only one day.

Fred Patten

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Well... since the MLP notes are overdone...

Was it me or was I the only one worried that the lion cub was about to go super sayan?

I guess Kovu isn't going to be king now? Since Simba and Nala have a son? Man... now Kovu is so much more like Scar.

Then again... apparently Simba and Nala already had a son named Kopa:

Their pride's getting a bit full.

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The news sources cited above do say, "The movie follows Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala ..."

Fred Patten

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Re-Reading the wiki it says Kopa was no longer recognized after Kiara was made for the second Lion King movie.

I think that's silly when a fictional character disappears like that. Could have at least killed him off. I mean, sure it's dark, but they killed off Mufassa.

Now he'll just show up at family reunions going "Dad, why don't you recognize me?"

And Simba scowls "You're not my son! I'm not your father!"

"Says who?"

"Some mouse with large black ears told me. Can't remember if his name was Maury or Mickey...started with an M though"

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As I understand it, Kopa originated from a series of children's books collectively called "The Lion King: Six New Adventures" that was available only briefly shortly after the original film's release, and under limited distribution and questionable licensing arrangements. Kopa appears in a couple of them. When it came time to produce "Simba's Pride", this series was for practical purposes disregarded as having any canonical value (retconned, some would say). Whether Kopa (and other things revealed in TLKSNA) should be considered canonical remains an ongoing debate among TLK fans, although most at least accept the parts that are non-conflicting with canonical sources. It is, for instance, the origin of Scar's real name (Taka) before getting his namesake scar, and the name of Mufasa and Scar's father (Ahadi). It should also be noted that the six stories of TLKSNA were by different authors and in some details have inconsistencies between them.

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That looks ridiculous...

It's a lion with cutie mark? And Bolt's super bark? And Arwen's river calling ability, but with clouds?

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The original video got taken down; replaced it with the same thing, except Disney UK uploaded it this time, so hopefully it stays up this time (thanks for the warning from Fred)!

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It will be on TV November 22. Here is the teaser for it.

Fred Patten

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