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Newsbytes archive for January 2016

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, DarkXander, dronon, earthfurst, fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat and Rakuen Growlithe.

earthfurst: Crowdfunding for (F) Menagerie Portfolio by Rukis ended successfully today, so she can do her first hardcover artbook.

DarkXander: Its the first day of 2016, and FurAffinity has wasted no time in going down, and having another server crash to start off the new year with a dying flail.

Rakuen Growlithe: Short animation: "Jack and the Mysterious Lost Orb".

GreenReaper: From Russia, with love: a confined tiger finds companionship with a goat sent in as live prey.

InkyCrow: A bit behind on the news, but Cartoon Brew reports on the "Anti-Zootopia-Porn" petition joke. Comments aplenty.

crossaffliction: In more SFW Zootopia news (again) the Japanese trailer has some new footage.

Patch Packrat: New image, "aggressive marketing" for Zootopia.

crossaffliction: Patton Oswalt makes the best furry Hateful Eight joke ever.

GreenReaper: Male vasa parrots use pebbles, date pits to grind nutritious calcium from seashells for females.

GreenReaper: UK Subway ad features furry Mancunian @PuzzleCheetah. [tip: @gaz_a]

Fred: Anti-poaching dog gets medal.

GreenReaper: Monkeys hold tourists' accessories for ransom.

InkyCrow: Brian Bedford, voice of Disney's Robin Hood, has passed away at age 80.

crossaffliction: Flop The Good Dinosaur denies Pixar Animated Feature double nominee status by becoming studio's first non-sequel to miss at the Oscars.

GreenReaper: 'Mourning' roo just sexually frustrated, says Aussie scientist.

GreenReaper: Utah Public Radio previews documentary Fursonas, premiering next week at the Slamdance Film Festival.

GreenReaper: #FurFest attendees may be eligible for fraud restoration services due to a malware attack on the Hyatt Regency O'Hare and other hotels. @MidwestFurFest

crossaffliction: Ursa Major awards are now open to vote for nominations!

GreenReaper: See the 'walking' shark of the Great Barrier Reef.

crossaffliction: First reviews of Kung Fu Panda 3 are out; it's going to be a good year, you guys.

Fred: Cougar cubs have blue eyes.

crossaffliction: Warning: Terrifying bug pictures. And yet, completely heartwarming.

GreenReaper: Further Confusion attendance declines for second year running - will 2017 see a turnaround? [source: @AlmightyTora]

GreenReaper: FC plans to use SJCC expansion space in future years. Likely to move: art show, dealers, and stage events.

Rakuen Growlithe: One of Anthrocon's sign language interpreters stabbed. Uncle Kage calls for donations.

dronon: A very nice write-up of Further Confusion from someone in the gaming community! And there's going to be a Part 2. [Source: wheelingyoshi/Reddit]

crossaffliction: The makers of Zootopia discuss behind the scenes decisions.

dronon: Upcoming game: Paws.

InkyCrow: 20 new images of concept art for Zootopia revealed.

crossaffliction: Asylum, the makers of Sharknado, launch animation division with Finding Nemo ripoff.

crossaffliction: Key and Peele's first movie is about a cat named Keanu.

GreenReaper: Updated figure for Further Confusion attendance shows slight gain over 2015.

Fred: Kia dancing hamster arrested for fraud.

DarkXander: Seems Uncle Kage's father has passed.

dronon: Coming soon on HBO: Animals.

dronon: Rare white leucistic giraffe spotted in Tanzania.

crossaffliction: So this @realtonytiger thing is ... certainly a thing.

GreenReaper: Researchers genetically engineer autistic symptoms in monkeys; are uncertain about how useful it is.

GreenReaper: Some readers may recall a similar, albeit fictional story about giving robots cancer.

dronon: Not especially furry, but some answers about Michael Jackson's influence on the Sonic 3 game.

GreenReaper: Hasbro pulls 'pirated' MLP font from site style sheets; still visible on some site images, products.

InkyCrow: Sony Pictures releases an extended new trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds movie.

GreenReaper: Furries: the latest threat to America.

GreenReaper: Long Island fur @JBadger169 admitted to hospital 'in terminal condition' (per RTR/@Wally_Rabbit via @iamjoemeyer).

crossaffliction: How do you say "Suck it, Kung Fu Panda 3!" in Mandarin? Zootopia's going to China.

Fred: Israeli vulture cleared of spying.

Fred: Is your kinkajou at home?

dronon: Behold the trailer for Nine Lives. And possibly weep.

Rakuen Growlithe: New Zootopia international trailer.

crossaffliction: How do you say "Suck it, Zootopia!" in Mandarin? Kung Fu Panda 3 sets box office records in China.

crossaffliction: In further ursine martial artist news, Cinema Sins does Kung Fu Panda 2.



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