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Newsbytes archives February 2016

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe and Sonious.

Fred: Scottish tourist killed by elephant in Thailand.

dronon: Video: The Night Wolves: Putin's motorbiking militia of Luhansk. (mature content)

GreenReaper: Therian or charlatan? Oxford don flogs a book about the feral condition via The Guardian.

InkyCrow: A girl copes with losing her once-human father to feral cravings in the new animated short "Untamed".

InkyCrow: Joe Alaskey, voice actor for Tiny Toon Adventures Plucky Duck and numerous other Warner Bros. characters, has passed away.

GreenReaper: Ironic twist: today's Guardian story is about furries, interviewing Colorado fursuit-maker Sarah Dee.

Fred: Missing cat found feasting in pet food warehouse.

crossaffliction: Meow the Jewels. Run the Jewels with cat sounds, for some reason.

crossaffliction: In other furry music news, here's Zootopia's soundtrack track listing.

crossaffliction: Inside Out nearly sweeps the board at this year's Annie Awards.

Fred: Rare radiated tortoise stolen from zoo.

crossaffliction: Super Bowl spot for TMNT: Out of the Shadows reveals there will be Krang.

crossaffliction: While we're on Super Bowl trailers, have some Jungle Book.

GreenReaper: The uncut Marmot Super Bowl 50 ad was way furrier (and funnier) than its 30-second spot.

GreenReaper: Eagles trained to take down drones.

crossaffliction: Shakira's feedback on her Zootopia character Gazelle: Needs more hips.

GreenReaper: Giant Scottish rabbit looking for home.

GreenReaper: Surprise: most Japanese don't eat whale meat anymore. So why continue hunting? Politics.

GreenReaper: Researchers hunt down snoring bears, collar them, and steal their shit - for science!

GreenReaper: Most of Zarafa's stolen suit recovered after being found by homeless in San Francisco.

GreenReaper: Newsbytes are now signed with initials in syndication. Guidelines on neutral tone still apply.

GreenReaper: Teaching young orangutans to live in the wild takes fruit, a wheelbarrow, and a jungle gym.

GreenReaper: Evidence of incest, male aggression, and 'calf tossing' shows dolphins "do not just behave like Flipper".

Fred: Naked mermaids, but anthro animal statues, too.

Patch Packrat: Further mainstream notice for Zarafa's story.

GreenReaper: What is love? From African wild dogs to geese and tamarins, the BBC explores the means and meaning of monogamy.

crossaffliction: The first Zootopia reviews have arrived. [Warning: Contains spoilers, says Disney artist.]

crossaffliction: So far, so good, with especial praise for the thematic elements.

crossaffliction: Emily Blunt has joined the voice cast of the My Little Pony movie coming out next November.

crossaffliction: Meanwhile, the MLP:FiM toyline is going straight up action figures this fall.

Patch Packrat: VermontFurs meets with ACLU to make First Amendment protest to local anti-mask law. #FurrySpeech

dronon: Mice watching movies prefer action to mouse erotica. I sense a potential Ig Nobel prize candidate!

GreenReaper: Blind man demonstrates echolocation.

dronon: Dobutsu Sentai ZyuOhGer. (Thanks, Hiker!)

Fred: Comparing Disneyland with bowerbird sex.

Fred: Mojave Maxine, the desert tortoise.

Rakuen Growlithe: US military and K2 obstructs veterans from adopting dogs who they worked with and saved their lives.

crossaffliction: Lilac from Freedom Planet as she might have appeared in Super Smash Bros.

crossaffliction: The same artists also did some blue fox character, as well.

dronon: On Vice: CSI Fur Fest, the unsolved case of the gas attack at a furry convention.

crossaffliction: Guess the movie: "One of the more potent 'social issues' pictures that we've seen from a major studio (even during the Oscar season)."

GreenReaper: Former RainFurrest 2016 chair mulls board division, hotel reversals and five years of burning through goodwill. [tip: JamesTheDog]

crossaffliction: The breakout star of The Witch: @BlackPhillip, the Satanic goat.

dronon: Teaser trailer for Pete's Dragon.

crossaffliction: Louis Wain's "Famous Cats" sequence that supposedly show the artist's descent into madness ... doesn't.

Sonious: FurAffinity reopens their forums six months after the moderator exodus.

dronon: Predators petted and reviewed in the game Far Cry Primal.

GreenReaper: Furries push for revision of Burlington, Vermont mask ordinance from 1962.

dronon: Steven Chow's latest film The Mermaid earned $430 mil in China in 2 weeks.

Patch Packrat: Got a story that needs writing about mainstream happenings with a furry-made movie about furries. No got time. How about some collab? Get in touch and I'll share material for something to post at Flayrah or

earthfurst: CBC Radio show Q interviewed Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano, co-creators of Animals, the new animated series on HBO.

Rakuen Growlithe: Only you can prevent meadow fires... I mean fund the final Charlie the Unicorn!

crossaffliction: Who did it better? Zootopia vs. Keanu in animal based Oscar parody posters.

dronon: Animated short nominated for an Oscar: Bear Story (trailer)".

InkyCrow: ...which won tonight. :)

Fred: Invite a singing gorilla to lunch.

crossaffliction: Zootopia has reached its "critic's consensus" on Rotten Tomatoes. It's at a fairly decent 100%.

crossaffliction: Reminder: today is the last day to vote for Ursa Major nominations!



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